The Pre-Baby Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant!

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Starting a family is an exciting prospect, and definitely something we can be eager to just start already! But before the stork arrives, it’s a good idea to try and do all the things you soon won’t be able to do. I sat down and thought about what some of those things might be. Here are a few of my suggestions!

1.   Go to bed as late as you want. Wake up as late as you want. Generally throw caution to the wind when it comes to your sleeping habits, because reckless ones will soon be a thing of the past.
2.   When sick, enjoy being able to wallow in your self-pity without still having to put someone else first.
3.   Watch R-rated movies in the daytime.
4.   Wear delicate clothes and jewelry without worrying about curious little hands grabbing/ruining it.
5.   Wear sexy underwear (if only for yourself!)
6.   Go out for expensive dinners at adult restaurants.
7.   Have friends over a LOT. Socialize as much as possible. Have loud parties.
8.   Complain about your own, possibly insignificant, problems.
9.   Curb your cussing habit before it assaults tiny ears (or revel in being able to unleash a verbal fury right now when you stub your toe.)
10. Get to know your partner/husband while there are no kids around to get in the way. Do things together, enjoy things together, and bond together. Strengthen your relationship as much as possible.
11. Travel. Whether it’s to another state or another continent, go out and see places you’ll struggle to visit once children arrive.
12. If you’re into angry rap, perhaps think about developing some newer music tastes for the sake of your future little ones.
13. Treat yourself! Whether it’s a movie/manicure night with girlfriends, a day of doing absolutely nothing productive for a day, or an extravagant winter boots purchase, do something nice for yourself. Enjoy having less financial responsibility than you’ll probably have post-baby.
14. Stock up on food you currently think is delicious, and enjoy eating it before you start getting morning sickness and/or food aversions!
15. Get into the habit of exercising. While pregnant, it’s safe to exercise in the same way you did before, so get your body in shape so you can stay fit and healthy while pregnant.
16. Dance as wildly as you want! Maybe it’s just me who enjoys out-of-control interpretive dancing, but I believe there are others. Pregnant bellies will hold you back for a while.
17. Be spontaneous.
18. Learn how to cook. Cereal and fast food might have served you well for years, but your future children will thank you for diversifying your skills a little.
19. Spend hours getting ready. Having children usually reduces the time you’re able to spend on yourself, so take the time to get glammed up once in a while!
20. Deep clean your house. (I just think it’s a good idea.)

What things would you/did you put on your “pre-baby bucket list?” Is there anything you regret not doing before getting pregnant or that you miss doing since having children?

What do you think?

The Pre-Baby Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I will miss being able to really sleep in

  2. I am still pretty much able to do a majority of the items above but a few I would add would be to have waited longer to become pregnant with my first and have had a better bond with my friends since I became pregnant all their parents said that I was a bad influence… but yet they were doing much horrible things than I was. Another thing Id like to add is a helpful hint I wish I was taught is to begin putting a few extra dollars on your bills now while you can because a baby will brake you…lol… its true plus it helps a lot for the winter months!!!

  3. Leslie says:

    Wow I still do this stuff and I have a kid. She sleeps and I made it 11am one day. I’m lucky.

  4. mommy nhoj says:

    Done mostly in the checklist 🙂 I terribly miss my dance class!


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