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Toddlers and Toilets: Are They Ready?

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Current Course: Potty Training Tips & Tricks

It’s one of the most dreaded and discussed moments in parenting toddlers: potty training. Before you ditch the diapers and pull out the potty, take a few moments to read the articles and blogs we’ve collected in this course. We’ve got personal stories from bloggers as well as expert advice. There’s even a shopping list and tips to help teach your toddler appropriate hand washing. And please – once you’re on the other side – share what worked for your family in the forums to help the rest of the parents on their potty training journey.

Table of Contents

  • Toddlers and Toilets: Are They Ready?
  • Potty Training Tips
  • Re-Thinking Potty Training
  • Single Mother’s Guide to Potty Training Your Son
  • How To Choose a Toilet-Training Potty
  • Toilet Training for Twins
  • Potty Training Shopping List
  • How To Teach a Toddler To Wash Their Hands
  • Potty Training Boys: The Battle of Yellow River
  • Did your toddler ever have a “relapse” during his/her potty training?

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  1. DeB says:

    Very informative info!

  2. April says:

    At 18 months my daughter was very interested in the toliet.. So i took her to walmart and let her pick out her very own potty.. She very proudly used it twice.. Unfortunately that was it.. All she wanted to do with play with it.. She seems to have lost interested.. She is now 23 months old and just the other night while waiting to get in the shower.. She sat on her potty twice without being asked.. Even though she didnt use the potty i was still very proud that she decided to do that on her own.. I hoping other mommy’s can give me some ideas and tips on how to get the potty training process rolling.. Bc we both are over the diapers..

  3. carla says:

    My twin 13 month old boys are taking their diapers off then peeing in the floor is it time to start potty training and how do I do it after one done that I stuck him on his first potty and he didn’t like it at all what should I do any tips for me

  4. christina says:

    My son I used food coloring in his training potty and he loved it and it was easy to potty train him with using the food colors.

  5. Courtny says:

    My daughter was really easy to potty train since she was so eager to do what grown ups do… I’m worried tho that my second child will be quite difficult.. Was one child easier than the other??

  6. Christina says:

    I’m grandma and I watch my grandson he is 20 months old and he rips his diaper off all the time. He will go to his potty chair and sit but not take his underwear down. I will help him and show him but still nothing. He flushes himself but he isn’t talking yet so he doesn’t say potty. I’ve been told they should be able to say potty before starting to train them. Any ideas?

    • Madelyn says:

      Boys have always been very easy,if there’s a brother,father any male in the home get them to take the little man to the bathroom with them also take a small bag of cheerios.put about 10 in the potty aim and shoot they will love the game even the older men seen to get a kick out of peeing on a cheerios. After a direct hit I always bought the pack of 5 hot wheels cars at the dallor store and it will be cheap and easy.hope this helps

  7. Colleen says:

    My 2 year old is giving me a tough time but were going to try everything!

  8. chapman247 says:

    I worked at a preschool for a long time. My director suggested going to the dollar store and buying lots of different sized items wrap them and place them in a basket. When your little person does the deed let them pick from the basket. Act surprised at what they picked.

    I also used the EASY button from the staples commercials every time someone sat on the potty they could press the button. it would say THAT WAS EASY the kids got a kick out of it.

  9. jennifer says:

    i don’t know i tried every 15 minutes and they flush but don’t use it and i have a girl in a boy thats one

  10. gfeld says:

    I toilet trained 5 kids and for the night as well, at the same time. Usually by day 3 we were pretty much done. I bought toys and games to be used only during toilet training time. Worked like a charm. There was a candy reward after they went. No, the first few days were not so easy but they did pass thankfully, and now with only one bathroom in my apt there are lots of fights for bathroom rights, lol!

  11. Lorna says:

    All i could do is just keep going and taking her to the bathroom every 30 minutes. plus i used the reward system where if she went to the bathroom in the toilet she got a star or sticker on the board then after 10 stickers she got a suprise which was usually a piece of candy or bubble gum but i changed it up every time one time i gave her a key chain another a bracelet……..

  12. Lorna says:

    Ok potty training was bad for my girls, the first child was easy the second relapsed and relapsed… she is now three and accident free for 4 months wahoo…..

  13. LaTasha says:

    Okay I have read this now what, I thought this was some sort of course?!

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