Postpartum Running

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Postpartum running is a great workout for mothers post-delivery. Running will promote weight loss, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance, and improve your mood.

How to Begin Running Postpartum

Before beginning any workout program, be sure to get the thumbs-up from your doctor. With your doctor's permission, you can usually begin mild walking and stretching immediately postpartum if you had an uncomplicated delivery. At first, walk for ten to fifteen minutes per day, three times a week, and then gradually increase walking time up to thirty minutes per day and five days per week. If you have had a complicated, traumatic delivery, a caesarian section, or an episiotomy, you will need to wait at least six to eight weeks depending on your condition.

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New mothers who are also new to running must start slow. Grace Lazenby, celebrity trainer and co-founder of, recommends beginning with a run-walk program. For example, walk for five minutes; then run for 5 minutes and repeat. Begin to build up stamina, endurance, and strength in order to avoid injury.

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Postpartum Running Gear

To begin running postpartum, you only need a few items: running shoes, a sports bra, a watch, and a heart monitor. You may also want to bring an mp3 player as well as a water bottle on longer runs in order to stay hydrated.

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Stroller Fitness

New mothers may also want to try stroller fitness occasionally to maximize time with their baby. Stroller fitness is a program that involves walking or jogging with your baby in a fitness stroller. This is a nice way to let your baby experience the outdoors.


Breastfeeding Runners

If you are nursing, remember to stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. Nursing moms need extra fluid, and running can dehydrate. Also, be sure to pump your breast milk before running. If your breasts are full of milk, this may add to your discomfort, especially if your breasts are tender.

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The important thing to remember is that if you were a runner pre-pregnancy, be patient and realistic with your fitness goals. Try your best not to compare your performance now to your performance before pregnancy. With time, your workouts will improve, and you will get back on track.

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Postpartum Running

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  1. Profile photo of carrie carrie says:

    I think you should do what is comfortable. Dont over due it but if your comfortable starting right back to your normal routine then you should.

  2. Profile photo of EbyMom EbyMom says:

    i would prefer to run alone. i really need to trim done.

  3. I wish I saw this article before I started running again. It’s a great reminder that my body isn’t in the same shape it was in before I got pregnant and that it will take time to get back on track. Thanks for the great article! =]

  4. Need to find a running spot

  5. Profile photo of Melody Melody says:

    And get a great bra. 🙂

  6. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I hate running! But I got to get rid of this belly!

  7. Profile photo of Jennie Jennie says:

    I am totally gonna try this it will help wake me up in the morning I am sure.

  8. I wish I could run… walking is where I have started.

  9. Profile photo of ChrisS ChrisS says:

    I don’t do running but I do walking with my children almost everyday. Its healthy keep your body fit and active. Also, relieves stress.


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