Poll Question:

What is your toddler’s favorite snack?

  • Fruit (37%, 2,335 Votes)
  • Yogurt (20%, 1,304 Votes)
  • Crackers/pretzels (18%, 1,129 Votes)
  • Cereal (12%, 788 Votes)
  • Other (8%, 521 Votes)
  • Vegetables (5%, 318 Votes)
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  1. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    she loves apples

  2. Profile photo of Serenity Serenity says:

    I agree w/ Ms Pearson because you don’t see kids loving veggies and particularly PEAS, my God, praise the Lord, because kids usually hates peas. To all moms out there: Veggies will always be the best food for your child, how about that, let’s encourage them to love their veggies

  3. Profile photo of Serenity Serenity says:

    Serenity loves ritz crackers for the simple fact that it’s sweet and salty at the same time. She also love sweet apples and Granola made w/multiple nuts such as: walnuts, raisins, sunflowers, oatmeal (all roasted of course). I’ve tried to feed her mostly Organic snacks and other Organic products

  4. Profile photo of Tabitha Tabitha says:

    My son loves pretzels dipped into nutella(hazelnut chocolate)

  5. Profile photo of MrsPearson MrsPearson says:

    When he was a toddler he loved broccoli an carrots but peas were his favorite…i was glad cause i thought i was going to have a time with him an veggies

  6. Profile photo of MontanaMomma MontanaMomma says:

    My son is obsessed with Greek yogurt! Can’t get enough 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Jess Jess says:

    i cut zuchinni into the shape of french fries and baked them til they were crispy, thats what my little man thought were fries for years!!

  8. My daughter loves vegetables for some reason don’t know how this happen but it’s great .

  9. Profile photo of donald donald says:

    my son loves vegetables

  10. My kids love crackers and pretzels and sharp cheese. =)

  11. Profile photo of BrandiTawyea BrandiTawyea says:

    My Little Charlene love pretzels with a chunk of cheese on the end but her favorite thing to do is dip the pretzels in ranch or peanut butter. 🙂

  12. Profile photo of BrandiTawyea BrandiTawyea says:

    You could try a flavored cream cheese, such as strawberry.

  13. Profile photo of leena leena says:

    my little one loves fruit

  14. Profile photo of summyr rice summyr rice says:

    My daughter loves pretzels now which makes it easier for me on the day’s i like to eat light.

  15. Profile photo of Sara Lynn Sara Lynn says:

    My 2 year old loves cheese sticks and hot dogs but loves fruit too so i guess hes well rounded

  16. Profile photo of MOM6 MOM6 says:

    I have two toddlers ages 3 and 1 and they both love fruit and yogurt and some veggies

  17. Profile photo of LuLu9 LuLu9 says:

    My baby’s favorite is green beans and avocado 🙂

  18. Profile photo of grammie57 grammie57 says:

    I am so blessed that my girls love there veggies and fruit.we often do a veggie tray or fruit tray.they like veggies with ranch,an i am in search of a good healthy dip for fruit.

  19. Profile photo of Esbeidi Esbeidi says:

    My son’s favorite by far are bananas but he will eat just about every type of fruit out there.

  20. my son loves apples and oranges and bananas, but if you put some berries in front of him.. boy oh boy does he go nuts! <3

  21. Profile photo of sandra sandra says:

    my grandbaby loves to eat lettuce and black olives which is strange for a 1year old

  22. Profile photo of Cecilia Cecilia says:

    My Toddlers love Oranges, Grapes & Limas…

  23. my grandson eats every fruit there is good has no problem when it comes to food point but not a lot of meats .

  24. Profile photo of Ladybugs Ladybugs says:

    My lil bug loves apples and frozen grapes..she won’t eat the skin tho lol


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