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Do you ever put your toddler in a harness?

  • No (61%, 2,089 Votes)
  • Sometimes (15%, 497 Votes)
  • No, but maybe I will (12%, 401 Votes)
  • Not yet, but I plan to (8%, 280 Votes)
  • All the time (4%, 138 Votes)
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  1. Profile photo of Timothy Timothy says:

    If i win one we might use it.

  2. Profile photo of Felicia Felicia says:

    I”m not sure what that is?

  3. Profile photo of Hailey Hailey says:

    They are CHILDREN not animals! If you can’t watch your child when out and about don’t take them with you or stay home!

    • Profile photo of Crystal Crystal says:

      Ummmm, yes they are. We are human, therefore we are animals. Why dont you stay home and study some science before shaming parents for wanting to keep the children safe. https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human
      Humans are social animals. They usually live in groups. They help and protect each other. They care for their children. Humans are bipedal, which means they walk on two legs. Humans have a very complex brain, which is much larger than that of the other living apes. They use language, make ideas, and feel emotions. This brain, and the fact that arms are not needed for walking, lets humans use tools. Humans use tools far more than any other species.

  4. Profile photo of Catherine Catherine says:

    i use one with my 3 year old.we both love it and plan to use it with my other daughter when she is older.they r a great thing to have…

  5. Profile photo of fernandez082 fernandez082 says:

    I used one with my as great

  6. Profile photo of Christina Christina says:

    if its a safety issue,maybe it’s a good idea:-)

  7. Profile photo of Megan Megan says:

    Well congratulations to all of you who have such perfect littleangelic toddlers who always sit so quiet and happy in their strollers or always hold your hand without pulling away! Good for you!!! I guess the “dog leashes” are for us moms who have easily distractable, super carged, bundles of energy who often forget to hold your hand because they are so excited about where they are going and hate to sit in strollers. Yes, I am that horrible mother who degrades her child to a harness (that he loves btw) so that he will be safe from getting lost or hit by a car while I am also walking my other 2 children. Come on people..no need to be so judgemental…if you have never had to use one than that is great. I never had to for my other kids, but some kids are more of a challenge and I would rather enjoy our outings and be assured that he is safe.

  8. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    no i dont believe in treating them like dogs

  9. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    I thought this was meaning the harness in the carseat since the carseat laws have changed i was using a booster seat but had to change it for my 4 yr. Old. I wouldnt put my children on any kind of leash type thing if thats what the question was all about. But everyone is different & i will not judge.

  10. Profile photo of Sandie Sandie says:

    But we do use a toddler tether (we call it her "bracelet"), and she loves to wear it!!

  11. Profile photo of LiLAshton LiLAshton says:

    That is not something I will do either

  12. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    Yeah i had to result to that when my 2 yr old got lost in a huge department store. I locked that place down because her daddy lost sight of her!

  13. Profile photo of kfondr kfondr says:

    I have used one at the zoo, and at some parades on my now 4 yr old (he has adhd) . it helped in my case because i was pregnant w our now 3 mth old and was advised not to even jog.

  14. Profile photo of kfondr kfondr says:

    try going to enfimil.com, gerber.com, and similac.com… join with them and they will send free full size samples of formula and possibly bottles. they also add a few coupons off formula. I did this and stocked up before my baby was born and had up to 12 cans when she came home from the hospital.

  15. im trying to sign up for any thing i can get because me and my husband have very limited income

  16. I don’t judge put what kind of message is this sending the child, if you can’t control them now what kind of harness are you going to use to keep them safe when they are older, I feel by teaching them that will keep them safe, learn right from the get go and you shouldn’t be alone with a small child if in a wheel chair and can’t help yourself what if something more than taken off goes wrong? again not judging you have to do what you have to do only God can judge you I wouldn’t do it

  17. Profile photo of nanaoffive nanaoffive says:

    I am in a wheel chair I used one for my daughter. my grand 5 son. will us one for my great grandson I’m shore. all way’s want to keep them safe.

  18. Profile photo of lcnovotny lcnovotny says:

    I dont really see anything wrong with it, to each his own. If a parent wants to use one im not going to judge. I may even use one some day! Haha

  19. I think its so bizarre when I see children in these things. Harnesses are for animals, not children.

  20. Profile photo of tnt0420 tnt0420 says:

    I used a fanny pack with a lead that attached to my belt. I used it when we visited the aquarium, strollers are not allowed and the place is very crowded. It allowed my daughter freedom of movement to see the exhibits and the comfort of knowing mommy was only a "tug" away. The lead also helped me to keep the crowds from just splitting the two of us up. I don’t think they should be used all of the time, but under certain circumstances they are useful tools.

  21. No they are cruel. If you watch your child, don’t need.

  22. Profile photo of LiLAshton LiLAshton says:

    That is not something I will do either

  23. Profile photo of LiLAshton LiLAshton says:

    That is not something I will do either

  24. Profile photo of PAR11712 PAR11712 says:

    Many ppl need to harness there children instead of screaming all over the store for them… Why isn’t your child holding your hand or onto the cart…ugg… You can only blame yourself if your child comes up missing


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