Planning Your Baby’s Birth Month

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Planning for which month to have a baby isn’t exactly a fool-proof science, but it can give mothers more control over when they give birth. Some parents prefer to decide when their babies will be born based on certain factors, such as weather, life circumstances, or how old their child will be in their class.

McKenna Bullock, a Medical Assistant at a Women’s Clinic, says, “A lot of the nurses at the clinic think summer is the best time to have a baby, because there’s less sickness. Some mothers don’t want to have babies in the winter, because of the risk of exposure to RSV sicknesses.”

Factors such as parental involvement with a child’s education play a much bigger role in how successful a child is than simply the month he or she is born in.

The weather around the time your child is born can definitely have consequences, good and bad. If your third trimester has ever coincided with hot summer months, then you probably see why some women would want to avoid conceiving their baby in the winter. New mom, Katrina Harwood, said she felt the effects of being heavily pregnant in the summer: “It was definitely very uncomfortable! There were moments when I wished I’d waited a little longer to conceive, so that those final weeks of pregnancy weren’t so tough to endure!”

Education can also be a determining factor in when parents choose to conceive. Though cut-off dates for the school year vary according to the state, typically they fall somewhere in the last week of August or first week of September. Some parents see advantages to their child being one of the oldest in their grade, as they have a few extra months of life experience before starting school.

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I personally didn’t feel that a child’s age within their grade made much of a difference, as I was one of the youngest in my grade, and I always succeeded academically. But apparently some studies have proven me wrong! I found an interesting article by Freakonomics that discusses why babies born in the summer may be at a disadvantage, compared to their older peers. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, “summer babies are between 20 and 30 percentage points (2.5 – 3.5 times) more likely to be considered below average by their teachers by age 7, and are 7 percentage points (2.5 times) more likely to report being always unhappy at school. They are also 6 percentage points (twice as likely) to report bullying, perhaps because of their smaller physical size.”


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Planning Your Baby’s Birth Month

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  1. Naturally it never worked out. Even went as far as ivf the month i wanted…i mc’ed. My oldest is born in april. I want an aug baby. It gives me four months between bdays n xmas. I heard a lot of kids dont like to share bdays or their parties.

  2. Kenzi says:

    My son was due 2 days before my husband’s daughters birthday, which I really wasn’t happy about, so we planned on trying to induce 2 weeks before which would have been the 4th of July. Well my son ended up coming a month early, Father’s Day, and luckily didn’t have any issues. Didn’t even have to try he just knew lol

  3. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t plan this one’s birth month but I glad it is during the winter so I will not be huge this summer

  4. Christy says:

    I want my first child’s birthday to be in the month of March. This is the birth month that I have planed for. I did not want my baby to be born near December because of Christmas, or in the summer months because he/she will not be able to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

  5. kirsten says:

    I’m due This month of August.

  6. Samantha says:

    I’ve never tried planning for my child’s birth month but it’s cool.I wanted it on valentine’s

  7. Christina says:

    I wanted to avoid the birthday/Christmas overlap many of my family members have but still wanted a baby born during the school year (it makes a difference to them in elementary) and either in the spring or fall (obvious with the avoidance of winter holidays). We got what we wanted because we are now expecting our first daughter on September 9th, and even better she will one of the older girls in her class, so my husband hopes she won’t want to date any of the boys when she is young because all the boys are younger and less mature, but we will see.

  8. Terra says:

    I wanted to have my baby after April 15th cause I work at a cpa firm. However, we got pregnant faster than we thought, and now by baby girl is due April 10th. I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy. It has been a cold winter, but I still get the occasional hot flash. I just step outside when this happens. I couldn’t imagine being this big in hundred degree weather!

  9. Caitlyn says:

    I planned which month to ttc so i would have a summer baby and hopefully a girl by using the chinese gender chart and eating certain foods.

  10. LIZ says:

    i want my baby to be an april baby, but nature wants her to come before, in march, im happy with that too, because she was born after my father’s 60th bday

  11. Maria says:

    We are thinking of starting to actively try at the end of the summer because I do not want to be pregnant throughout the summer. I’m uncomfortable in my own skin in the summer let alone carrying a baby

  12. Cait says:

    I originally wanted a summer baby because our daughter is in January and having Christmas then birthday just stinks money wise wanted to spread the expenses out a little

  13. TaKeisha says:

    I never thought about planning which month to give birth, I just want a healthy baby.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Always wanted summer babies to much snow in our winter just makes it risky

  15. never planned the month.

  16. Amanda says:

    I was just aiming for not being pregnant through the Summer. I didn’t want to be big and hot when it was that hot out.

  17. Mommyuv2<3 says:

    I never planned the birth of my two girls as a result I have two November babies 10 and 4 yrs old not to mention that my birthday is also in November. It’s a very hectic month I’m currently TTC and it’s taking a little long I want to have a June/July baby. 🙂

  18. If all goes as planned, I will avoid being giving birth during the summer time. Being pregnant during a Florida summer does not sound appealing…

  19. Timothy says:

    now thats just cheating..

  20. Rachael says:

    Our first was a surprise. Had him first week of November. Only time I had Christmas shopping done by December 1st. Our new one is now due mid may, planned it that way. Get to spend the month on June home with my son during his summer break from school. I am looking forward to this.

  21. sayhola says:

    I wanted to have a baby Jan – May with our first; he was born January 13. With our next, I also wanted Jan – May, but when were weren’t able to conceive as instantly as with our first, I ran beyond that time frame and took it month-by-month. June? OK. July? OK. August? OK if it would be early in the month. Sept? Well… hunting might be a factor. October? OK. Then…. maybe time to take a month or two “off” from ttc, as a holiday baby might not be the best. What did we get? Due Thanksgiving week! 😉

  22. Flo says:

    Our pregnancy was a surprise so he will be a winter baby, but I am grateful to God that the summer months were earlier in my pregnancy.

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