Journals, Photography, & More Keepsakes

Many parents keep personal journals filled with their children’s milestones, or Tupperware with pictures and memorabilia from each year of their children’s lives. Are you not one of these parents? Would you like to be? Below, you will find articles with information and tips to help you record your life, and your children’s!

Journals, Photography, & More Keepsakes - Parents
Create the Perfect Baby Book by Including These 8 Things!

You have a new baby and on your to-do list is preparing a baby book full of ...
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4 Photography Tips for Capturing the First Birthday (and beyond!)

A few years ago, I took a photography class to learn how to shoot in manual mode ...
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3 Ideas to Keep the Tooth Fairy Alive in Your Home

Learn about the origin of The Tooth Fairy, the current "going rate" for teeth, and three ...
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Journaling Your Family’s Memories

You know those little moments in life – the ones that make you burst into fits of ...
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Creative Ideas for Easter Photos

Everybunny loves a great photograph featuring super cute kids, which is why springtime ...
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Photos to Take This Holiday Season

Photos are a great way to capture all the moments from this holiday season. Having ...
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