Journals, Photography, & More Keepsakes

Many parents keep personal journals filled with their children’s milestones, or Tupperware with pictures and memorabilia from each year of their children’s lives. Are you not one of these parents? Would you like to be? Below, you will find articles with information and tips to help you record your life, and your children’s!

Journals, Photography, & More Keepsakes - Parents
5 Tips For Photographing Newborns

Contrary to popular belief, photographing your newborn baby is actually easier than you ...
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Photography Tips: 5 Best Tips to Photograph Toddlers

Three years ago, the quality of my photographs of my son were all the same: ...
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9 Ideas to Show Your Love for Your Child with Photos

Why is it that moms can never seem to take enough photos of their children? Is it because ...
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5 Tips to Turn Your Summer Photo Memories into Prints

Last week, I wrote an article on 8 Must Photograph Moments This Summer. As a ...
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Don’t Miss the Memories: Tips for Purchasing and Using a DSLR to Capture Childhood

Like many new moms, I wanted a better camera to get better pictures of my ...
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11 Can’t-Miss Milestones to Capture Through Your Lens the First Year

Ever since I can remember, I have loved capturing life through my lens. In ...
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