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Are you trying to get pregnant or planning on it in the near future? If so, you can greatly improve the likelihood of getting pregnant by determining when you will ovulate next. Ovulation is the release of a female's ripe egg from her ovary. When this occurs, you are the most fertile.

Use our Ovulation Calculator to estimate your next ovulation date; simply enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle. Because our tool provides you with only an estimate, consider yourself the most fertile during the period of 3 days before and 3 days after the estimated ovulation date. Best of luck!!

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  1. I am 35,yrs I am married I am always trying to have a baby but I cant conceive.I start my periods on the 30 of april.can u help me which days I will be fertile so that I can concieve.I am in tears of getting pregnant as I am married can u help me pliz

  2. Profile photo of Tichelle Tichelle says:

    Hi.. My last menstrual was on the 5th of April I am trying to figure out when I ovulated and also we had unprotected sex from the 19th of April until the 29th… I took two pregnancy tests on the 28th and 29th and they came out negative. My next menstrual is expected on the 3rd of May. My breasts are heavy and sore and I’m also experiencing some slight cramping but no period as yet. Did I take the tests too early? Would I be pregnant? When should I test?

  3. Profile photo of Tania Tania says:

    Hello I had a question my LMP was March 20-25 2017! To took a pregnancy test on 4/22/17 and it was negative , I also took one today 4/26/17 and got a BFN 🙁 . I’ve been feeling cramping and nipples very sensitive and sore and underneath my breast I feel it sore . Can it be possible that it’s just still to early to detect ?

  4. Profile photo of Devine Devine says:

    My period Date was 20.04. and ended 23.04. Three days !

  5. Profile photo of Devine Devine says:

    Hi. I Had my Period on the 20th of April. 2017. Could you please Tell me when i Could probably ovulating? Thanks and best regards.

  6. Profile photo of Nolwando Nolwando says:

    I had my last period on on 31st March till 7th April and on the 23rd I had unprotected sex and I am trying for a baby what are my chances of falling pregnant?

  7. Profile photo of Lexi Lexi says:

    Ok, so the first day of my period was April 3rd lasted till the 8th, I’ve had unprotect sex throughout ovulation … today is April 24th and I’ve taken 4 hpt & all came back negative but then a couple of minutes later all 4 showed up a very faint positive … I been so tired, I’ve been super nauseous I have cramping in my lower stomach and a bit of back pains & shortness of breath … I start my period on the 3rd … really want to know if those were faint positives ? I felt like it was early to test but I been feeling different for the last couple of days … can anyone help me out ??

  8. Profile photo of Ana Ana says:

    Hey. I was using pills but not taking them daily as me and my boyfriend sumtimes we finish month without having sex on the one the 3rd March it was my last day of my periodd and we had unprotected sex on the 5th and I took red pills and we had sex again on the 17 March and on the 24 we used condom Burton it burst on Tuesday I tested positive. When could I have conceived?

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Ana – You’ll need to put in the first day of your last period and the average length of your cycle to find out when you likely ovulated. Best wishes!

  9. Profile photo of Adaora Adaora says:

    (Am trying to conceive) My last period was on 4-7th of April I had 10- 15th
    Of the same month …Is there a chance of getting pregnant?
    And pls when is my most fertile days?

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Adaora – I’m not understanding… You had your period on 4/4-7 and again on 4/10-15? You’ll need to input the first day of your last period and your average length between cycles (last day of one to the first day of another) into the calculator to get your estimated ovulation date. Best wishes!

  10. Profile photo of Alfa Alfa says:

    My period ended April 14 2017 when is best time for getting pregnant

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi there – You’ll need to input the FIRST day of your last period then the average number of days between your cycles (last day of one period to the start of your next) to obtain your most likely ovulation date. Best wishes!

  11. Profile photo of Goodness Goodness says:

    My period was 2 April to 7 April 2017,when should I try for a baby boy

  12. Profile photo of Israel Israel says:

    What’s the odds of having a child at 32

  13. Profile photo of Victoria Victoria says:

    My period started on the 11th april i am still on it till tomorrow when would i be ovulating next

  14. Profile photo of Omowunmi Omowunmi says:

    My period came 26th of March and lasted for three days when can I make a baby

  15. Profile photo of Stacey smith Stacey smith says:

    My period came on the 4 of april wen can i make a baby

  16. Profile photo of Tameeka Tameeka says:

    Hi i started my period on 3/13/17 and it stopped the 14th then started again on the 15th and i went off on the 22 my ovulation calendars say i am supposed to ovulate on april first but i didn’t and my mucus is creamy how can i check

  17. Profile photo of Parul Parul says:

    I had my period on 8 march 2017 and i had unprotected sex daily what are the chances of getting pregnant my age is 29 and my menstrual cycle is of 28 days

  18. Profile photo of Renee Renee says:

    My last period started 2-19 but it was later in evening and flow started more 2-20 I had sex 3-2 and 3-8 now I’m only a day late and kind of feel like I’m going to come on but haven’t which day is more likely I got pregnant if so

  19. Profile photo of Lucy Lucy says:

    Hiya everyone I had my period on the 12th of January for about 4-5days and in Feb was feeling abit sick so I done a test on 9th of Feb 2017 and wasn’t pregnant and then done on 15th Feb 2017 An was faint when do you think I conceived ? Xx

  20. Profile photo of Joanne Joanne says:

    Hi all can someone help me ….. I came on my period 7th of February 2017 came off 13th had unprotected sex 14th and 20 …. around the 27th I lost like mucus stringy slight pinkish and today’s date is the 9/03/2017 …. am I pregnant?

  21. Profile photo of Jeanette Jeanette says:

    I had sex three days before my period I started having sex from 04/03/2017 to 06/03/2017 and on the 07/03/2017 had a period and its heavy now could I be pregnant? And what are my fertile days coz I don’t know since I had still birth last year august

  22. Profile photo of jenely jenely says:

    how do I find out the length of my cycle ?

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Jenely – Just record it! There are a few free apps out there, or you can just note in your calendar the first day of your cycle one month and the first day the month following, and that is the time between. Best wishes!

  23. Profile photo of jenely jenely says:

    can Somebody Please Explain to me This ovulation Cycle stuff ? it’s So Confusing . I’m Trying to conceive but I’m not sure when to have sexual intercourse ,even though I have it everyday except on my period . I’m on my menstrual right now February 20,2018 . my period only last 4-5 days . when is it best that I let my boyfriend ejaculate inside of me ?

  24. Profile photo of jenely jenely says:

    hi Me And My boyfriend are Trying to have A Baby . When I Should I Have Sexual Intercourse? I’m On my Period as of right now . february 20,2018.

  25. Profile photo of Ikeia Ikeia says:

    Hello no answer yet,!!


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