What is an Open Adoption?

lIf you are considering expanding your family through adoption, then you will have the option of an open adoption.

But, what exactly is an open adoption?

The answer is not cut and dry because there will be different aspects to every adoption, depending on the wishes of the biological and adoptive families.

Open vs Closed Adoption

In a fully open adoption, the biological family gets to have direct contact and interaction with the child – this can mean letters, phone calls, and visits. This allows each family to have a connection with each other, which is something that may be important to your child as he or she ages. In no way does an open adoption diminish your rights as the adoptive parent; it merely keeps the link to your child’s biological family open. 

A closed adoption is just that – closed. You and your family will not have contact with the biological family. And though you won’t know their names, you will know their basic medical information and health history. 

Benefits of an Open Adoption

While many people choose a closed adoption, those who choose to have an open adoption enjoy the fact that if their child wants to learn about his or her birth parents, it can easily be done. Additionally, if your child has a major medical issue, an open dialogue with the biological parents might lead to a more speedy diagnoses and recovery.

How Open Adoptions Work

Generally speaking, an open adoption is a contract between an adoptive family and the birth family. The terms of this arrangement can vary widely from case to case. Contact can be limited to annual updates and photos, or can include regular phone calls and physical visits. It’s entirely up to the comfort of both parties, so that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Before deciding on the type of adoption you prefer, take some time to talk to anyone you know who was adopted, has adopted, or has had their biological child adopted. Sometimes the best way to decide is to learn how the experience worked for others.

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What is an Open Adoption?

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  1. I think that I would choose open adoption but I would want it very limited. I want my child to know who their biological parents are when it comes to it but I would rather not have them visit. It sounds mean but that just how I would like personally.

  2. Lulu says:

    I have 4 family members who were adopted, but it was via closed adoption.

  3. Janice says:

    Adoption for myself is to complicated a relation, and function. It is one thing that you will benefit from the open adoption way , while they are young, but what happens when your not the one who is the hero in there eyes. In a closed adoption you may not have the medical back ground at a moments notice, but many things can be found out about a child’s background through DNA, and Medical tests of modern civilization. Then can continue the bond and remain their hero, whom they look up to.


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