Turning ONE Is Fun

Baby boy and parents blowing out the candle on a cupcakeIt's finally here! Congratulations, your baby is about to turn one! It may seem that your baby has always been in your life. Maybe it seems it was just yesterday they were born. Whatever the case, the first birthday is a special milestone, both for your baby and you. Take the opportunity to enjoy it. How?

Your child's birthday celebration should be as unique as they are. There is no one best way to celebrate this special milestone (no matter what anyone tells you!). As you think about what your child's birthday will be like, be sure to consider: Who is your child? What do they enjoy most? Are they shy with large crowds or do they joyfully play to an audience?

For some, this moment will not pass without a grand celebration, inclusive of family, friends, and even neighbors. A party with all the details, the day may include cake (perhaps even a small, specially decorated one just for your baby – or, more sensible, a cupcake), ice cream, presents, and decorations. Will you have the party at your home, another family member's or is the crew so large that you'll need to find a space in your community (i.e. a community room that can be rented for a nominal fee in a civic building or church)? Perhaps you are lucky enough to live in a climate that will permit an outdoor event where there will be plenty of room for all.

For others, the thought of a large party feels overwhelming. It just may be too much for your baby too! Maybe year one will be a quiet celebration with immediate family, a homemade cake, and a meal gathered around the kitchen table.

Either way, it's okay. Really. This day isn't about what others think. It's about your child. Certainly there will be some who have their ideas of who, what, where, when, and how to celebrate. Take their ideas, but create the celebration that feels right for you and your child.

Before you begin planning, keep a few things in mind regarding your baby's first birthday celebration:

  • Be sure to think about your baby's schedule. Is your baby a mid-morning or an early afternoon napper? When is the best time for your baby? Maybe breakfast with family would work best or perhaps late afternoon? Schedule the gathering at a time to best support your baby. It's their day. They should feel their best. Respect their usual schedule for eating and sleeping. Also, consider the length of the festivities. Too much and too long may leave everyone in tears (including you!).
  • Your baby is one. It is a special day, but keep it in perspective. We all want to give our child the world. Some parents, literally, attempt to do this through gift giving. Reality is, you'll be better off purchasing one quality gift your baby will enjoy and putting other monies in the bank for them to utilize one day down the road (i.e. college tuition!).
  • It's a sweet day, but keep the sweets in moderation. This may be your baby's first official day at digging into the sugary sweets. Although it's fun to watch them mush and smush the cake and icing, be mindful of your baby's body and how they may feel if they consume too much.
  • Capture the day. Don't forget to take a few pictures and grab the video camera too. Capture your baby's height on a wall where you can then begin marking their growth annually, and think creatively about ways to celebrate their development (i.e. have them finger paint on a canvas board – it will be a painting you will always treasure).

It's your baby's first birthday – Enjoy!

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Turning ONE Is Fun

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  1. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    im getting excited about first year

  2. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I wouldn’t think her 1st bday would be a big one because we recently moved. But nonetheless I want it to be special and unforgettable for all of us!


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