Newborn Care: The First Few Weeks

It's not uncommon to leave the hospital feeling nervous and unprepared to care for the tiny person coming home with you. In those first weeks, there will be many moments where you wonder what you should be doing. We've gathered articles to address some of the most common questions below.

Week by Week - Baby
What It’s Like to Worry as a New Parent

It's impossible to describe what that first night at home as a new mother is like -- when ...
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5 Questions All First-time Moms Need Answered

Becoming a mom for the first time is incredibly scary, overwhelming, and exhausting, even ...
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Discharged Without My Baby: Jaundice in Newborns

"We aren't going to be able to discharge him today, unfortunately, ...
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How to Help Your Newborn Sleep Better: 5 Tips

Sleep deprivation is brutal to parents of a newborn. It can make you feel agitated, ...
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Newborn Baby Products: 2000 vs 2017

I have been in the mom game since 2001 when I welcomed home my first little Dude. ...
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5 Things I Want New Moms to Know

When you have your first baby, you're in for kind of a whirlwind. It's a new ...
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