Newborn Care: The First Few Weeks

It's not uncommon to leave the hospital feeling nervous and unprepared to care for the tiny person coming home with you. In those first weeks, there will be many moments where you wonder what you should be doing. We've gathered articles to address some of the most common questions below.

Week by Week - Baby
4 Tips for Caring for Your Baby Girl’s Diaper Area

When I took my youngest daughter for her check-up as a baby, I thought I had this ...
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Surviving the First Weeks Home from the Hospital

I'd anticipated the moments of bringing our new baby home from the hospital for as long ...
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4 Tips for Surviving Being Away from Baby in the Hospital

When I prepared for the birth of my first child, I never imagined I would have to ...
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The Surprising Look of the Newborn

Most parents think their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, but, in the ...
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3 Questions You’ll Have in Baby’s First Week Home

No matter how much research you've done or how prepared you think you are, bringing your ...
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What You Need to Know Before You Opt Out of Newborn Medications

As a nurse and a mother, I absolutely understand the hesitation that new parents have ...
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