New Year, New You, and New Baby Too

Mother embracing childForty weeks later … you're bringing home your little angel. So sweet and beautiful, you swear she has a halo. This new little life renders you speechless because she's so amazing that you well up, overwhelmed with emotion. Your tremendous little miracle has changed your life and heart for good. Here are some things to look forward to this year!

You're My Favorite Reason to Lose Sleep
Ah, sleep. You might forget the last time you had a REM cycle; but yes, yes you will sleep again. Not any time soon – possibly months or years. But one day you will get a full night's sleep. Whenever your baby takes a snooze, you should really take one too. You might not get to sleep, but doctors say that resting with your eyes closed is better than nothing. So just hang in there, that sweet pea it totally worth losing sleep over.

Two is Better than One
You know all those yoga and aerobics classes you used to take? You can still take them with your baby! More and more “mommy and me” classes are popping up all over, which is pretty convenient in more ways than one. You can keep your workout routine while bonding with your baby!

Pardon the Mess, but We Live Here
With sleep to catch up on and a busy baby to tend to, it's probable that your house will never be as clean as you'd like it be. It's ok though, because dusting end tables will never be worth missing that heart-melting, toothless grin.

Wear Something Your Boyfriend Can't
Sheer exhaustion and very little time for yourself can leave you feeling a little “blah.” So wear a comfortable dress, put on some mascara or lipstick, perfume, and anything that caters to your girly side. It's important for your baby's momma to feel good about herself!

We Can Do Hard Things
There are going to be times when your poor, little dear gets sick, and there's nothing sadder than when your baby is sick. And then there are the times when the crying seems to never cease and your attempts to soothe are going to fail. It's going to be hard at times, but you can get through it. Just breathe and take turns tending to the baby with your partner.

Babies don't last forever; they eventually grow up, so enjoy this short time. Hold on to the baby days as long as you can!

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New Year, New You, and New Baby Too

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    i love this

  2. i’m ready, bring it on


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