Naked Time! Why Do Kids Love It?

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Like it, or don‘t. Call it what you want: nudie, birthday suit, bare, un-clothed, in the buff… however you say it, it’s factual- we were all born naked! So naturally, it makes sense why our little ones prefer to run around sans clothing. If you’re a parent of naked-loving children, and kind of want to know why in the world they dislike clothes so much, Mental Health professor for the University of Massachusetts, Sharon Lamb, answered this question in a New York Times article. She says “For some kids, getting dressed gets associated with something they don’t want to do, like eating their veggies.” She goes on to explain that kids will find that running around naked is just more comfortable than clothes. Usually, by the time children reach three and four years of age, they figure out the difference between public and private and start to develop a sense of modesty, according to their situations.

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A nice thing to know is that at two to four years of age, kids don’t care what they look like – they have no shame in being naked. Then, when they reach about five or six years of age, they start to feel shame (the good kind of shame that keeps one from being in awkward situations). So maybe, if a five or six year old is still running around naked, it’s because he or she is trying to gain a little control over something, or just simply unsure of when and where, or who, it’s appropriate to be naked in front of. Perhaps, it’s just because they think it’s hilarious.

What do you think?

Naked Time! Why Do Kids Love It?

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  1. Profile photo of ashley ashley says:

    My 3yr old son would choose to always be naked if he could! I have two older children and a lot of people in and out of the house so I usually don’t allow it. But when he comes up and asks “Can I be’ Naked Boy’ for a little bit” I cant tell him no.

  2. My nephew loves to be naked. He is five months and he absolutely loves it we leave him naked for a while after his shower but not too long. We also have him in just his diaper for some time.

  3. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    My little brother hates to be naked and he hates showers lol

  4. Profile photo of leena leena says:

    i never let my daughter run around naked

  5. Profile photo of nichole nichole says:

    i let my step daughter run around the house in her diaper all the time, she was horrible about potty training, so we tryed to only have nakie butt time just after baths and just after diaper changes to minamize messes. i also let her run diapered outside in summer (sunblock of course, and in our shaidy backyard only), my first born, she was in just a diaper quite often,and she got the idea of pottying early on so i would give her longer periods of nakie time. and same thing, diapers outside in summer, but only in my yard, and sunscreaned. both my girls learned early tho, we didnt get nakie when anyone other then the people who live here are home. i want them to know their nakid body isn nothing to be ashaimed of, and is perfectly fine, but i also want them to know that theres apropriate times to be nakie, and times when its better if they are not. i plan on treating this baby im preggy with the same way as the other two. 🙂

  6. Profile photo of MAMASEXXY MAMASEXXY says:


  7. My one year old girl loves being naked. Her big sister 9 does not mind, but I have to concider my daughter’s 3 older brothers. Bath time or when everyone’s at school is her only "Free Time"

  8. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    All of my kids and grand kids ran around naked when they were young. My sister’s grandson, loves it when his diapers are off, and no clothes on. He laughs, kicks, and smiles, even cued when he was able.

  9. Profile photo of tammy tammy says:

    I don’t let my kids run around naked..

  10. Profile photo of Kay Leinen Kay Leinen says:

    My daughter loves to run around naked, but at 2 1/2 years old, she also understands (and usually cooperates) that she needs to put clothes on if she’s going out to play or we’re leaving the house. Occasionally I’ll let her run around with a diaper on in the backyard.

  11. Profile photo of Ashton Ashton says:

    My son is going to be 3 in august and is almost ALWAYS naked. He really does use the bathroom more often when he is naked than when he is wearing his "big boy" pants. I have no problem with him being naked as long as he doesn’t mind getting dressed when he has to.

  12. Profile photo of NandaZ NandaZ says:

    no clothes on are okay, but, they have to have a diaper on, i dont want no messes.

  13. Profile photo of bareplatypus bareplatypus says:

    The Bare Platypus raised 4 kids as nudists in our family, so you could say they never outgrew their birthday suits. Read about it in our blog here:


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