Mood Swings & Relationship Swings During Pregnancy

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Most pregnant women have some experience with mood swings, which are usually most intense in the first and third trimesters. Whatever their cause (e.g., hormonal shifts), mood swings can stress your partnership and relationship satisfaction.

While mood swings are, by all means, a normal part of pregnancy, it’s sometimes wise to seek professional help.

If mood swings are extreme, last more than a couple of weeks without relief, and/or have a significant negative impact on your ability to function, or on your partnership, consider speaking with a counselor, or ask your doctor for a referral.

In most instances, however, you and your spouse can work together to limit the impact of mood swings on your partnership. What follows are some ways to do so; as with anything, one size does not fit all. If one of these approaches doesn’t work for you or your spouse, move on or devise strategies of your own:

Educate & Normalize: Together, confirm how normal mood swings are during pregnancy. If you’re not familiar with the physical changes that contribute to them, read up on the topic, and encourage your spouse to do the same. In other words, educate yourselves about pregnancy mood swings, so you can normalize their occurrence. Doing so doesn’t negate their impact, but encourages you to perceive them as regular parts of the pregnancy process, instead of unwelcome intruders.

Make a Patience Pact: Like other pregnancy symptoms, mood swings ebb and flow. Agree to be patient with this part of the process, while reminding yourselves, and each other, of the endgame: your new baby. Of course, your moods might sometimes preclude you, or your spouse, from being tolerant. The idea isn’t to always be patient, but to recognize that, just as this is a waiting game for your bundle of joy to arrive, so too must you wait for challenging symptoms, like mood swings, to subside.

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Mood Swings & Relationship Swings During Pregnancy

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  1. Profile photo of sofie sofie says:

    I am 13 weeks and I can’t get along with the man who I once loved.These mood swings are terrible…What can I do help.

  2. Profile photo of bigmama bigmama says:

    At 33 weeks pregnant. I feel like my relationship is a mess and I’m constantly feeling the pressure from my mate. It’s not my mood swings it’s my partners inability to be nice during the pregnancy….or do am I over reacting and being emotional.

  3. Profile photo of Aliya Aliya says:

    my poor guy.. I haven’t been to bad this whole time and now at 36 weeks its like dr Jekyll and mr Hyde…. i packed up all his things and told him it was over yesterday then we sat and the car and has a 2 hour heart to heart which was basically me crying and yelling at him alternatively …By the time we went to bed i felt like a psycho but this afternoon he went to work and was like is my stuff gonna be waiting at the door for me when i get back tn… im glad he took it so lightly he understands that im going a little crazy in this last month of pregnancy i felt so bad tho

  4. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    I just feel like once I entered my third trimester my mood swings just began going crazy. Is this normal…

  5. Profile photo of Eva Eva says:

    I have crazy mood swings! I cry and get mad and then eventually I just sit there and pout!! Haha I hate it

  6. Profile photo of KaVette KaVette says:

    My mood swings are BAD as well. My husband (poor thing) has dealt with them very well though. He said yesterday he can’t wait for this baby to come because then I will be “Back to normal”…bad move…

  7. Profile photo of Samantha Samantha says:

    I have mood swings BAD. It gets better than it will get worse. I haven’t figured out how to deal with the mood swings yet

  8. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    i wasnt moody at all, tnx god

  9. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I am a cry-baby when I was pregnant. And yes, I can get mad in a snap. But hey, my husband said I am better when pregnant. Hahaha…

  10. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    I have horrible horrible mood swings. One minute im happy and the next i am mad or sad. Im not really sure how to cope with all of my mood swings.

  11. Profile photo of katrina katrina says:

    i feel like my mood swings are ruining my relationship what do i do? im 32 weeks and have a long way to go

  12. Profile photo of sophia sophia says:

    I’m so moody I might as well be bipolar!

  13. Profile photo of shayljohnson shayljohnson says:

    I don’t know what’s been wrong but I been having mood swing ofter, my husband doesn’t even know how to react.

  14. Profile photo of jessica jessica says:

    I am totally guilty of mood swings but I think the worst part is that in my head I am justified !!

  15. Profile photo of KT. S KT. S says:

    My third trimester I didn’t have any mood swings but found I was more apt to get irritated by things. That was the worse of it and a more intense sense of urgency to get things ready for my little girl.

  16. Profile photo of Leah Leah says:

    My emotions are so topsy turfy that i cant figure out what i am feeling half the time much less sense a mood swing. My poor boyfriend deals with it well bless his heart

  17. Profile photo of AleaRausch AleaRausch says:

    Most of the time now (@ 32wks) I just feel numb.

  18. Profile photo of starla starla says:

    My mood swings have been so bad during my third trimester that I honestly feel like I didn’t want a baby. When honestly I really did. I feel so bad for thinking this way. Is this normal?

  19. Profile photo of ambermccurry ambermccurry says:

    I didn’t really have mood swings during pregnancy; they seem to be worse now that I’m no longer pregnant.

  20. Profile photo of michelle michelle says:

    Ugh, I’m guilty of mood swings and going off on people.

  21. Profile photo of Phammom Phammom says:

    My husband is worse then I am with mood swings.

  22. Profile photo of Dario Dario says:

    Got cussed out a couple out times already..

  23. Profile photo of Kelsey Kelsey says:

    On my first pregnancy is didn’t have mood swing but the second pregnancy I did Nd alot of mood swing

  24. I didn’t really have mood swings during my pregnancy. It was my first pregnancy and it was easy and happy.

  25. Profile photo of Marina Marina says:

    My mood swings are more me being happy one minute and the sad / crying / depressed next minute (especially when I think of baby not having grandparents because my parents and my husband parents passed away in past 4 yrs. Also my mommy and mom ( mother-in-law) not being there when I go into labor.)

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