How to Be a Mom and Still Feel Sexy

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It's hard to feel sexy after having a baby. You're tired, sore, and most likely leaking fluids for many hours out of the day. I remember that for weeks after having my daughter I felt like I would never again have any kind of routine in my life. Feeling sexy was the least of my concerns! But as time went on, I learned how to get my groove back, and that helped me emotionally, as well as physically. And as they say, “What's good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Here are a few tips on how to feel like yourself again after baby and say goodbye to feeling funky.

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Quit the Guilt Trips

Yes, we all want to spend every moment of every day with our beloved children … in theory. The truth is, if you devote 100% of your time and energy to your child, then there is nothing left for anyone else—including you! Ignoring yourself and those around you can cause distress and resentment; none of which are good for the baby either.

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Your Body Is a Wonderland

It's easy to look at yourself post baby and see nothing decent going on, but it's also helpful to realize just how amazing your body is. The very act of growing and delivering a child into this world is a spectacular feat in itself. Appreciate your beautiful (and not-so beautiful) curves and know that just as they changed to get that way, they most likely will change again. If you're that unsatisfied with your body, then start a small workout session while baby sleeps. 

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Don’t Get Dumped

Not in the way you're thinking, although I'm sure that wouldn’t help! I mean in the way of looking dumpy. Sure, it's easy to stay in the same sweatpants for a week straight, and you probably will, but at some point, it's time to get in the shower and put on some decent clothes, honey. Looking decent will do wonders for your state of mind, and adding a cute little bag instead of a clunky, boring diaper bag may end up making you feel a twinge of sexy again.

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Use Your Head

With so much focus on the body and the baby, there's not a lot of space left to devote to intellectually stimulating tasks. Still, try to carve out some time, no matter how small, to exercise your brain. Read a book, do a puzzle, or crochet a baby blanket. Anything that allows you to concentrate on a task for a while will relax you and make you feel better. 

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Grab the Girls

Sometimes, all one needs is a night out with their friends to give themselves a kick in the pants. Your friends can remind you of the sexy woman you still are when all you see is a mom in the mirror nowadays. Plus, you know they'll laugh at that one breastfeeding mishap that you are dying to tell someone.

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Reclaim Your Romance

Remember that thing you used to do that got you pregnant in the first place? Think about it again, if even for a couple minutes a day. Just the thought might be enough to jumpstart your libido. Send some playful emails or texts to your partner while you're making lunch. Flirt like you did before baby, and you might find out you like it.

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Get a Routine … or Don't

Monotony can wreak havoc on a person, so don't be afraid to change up your routine. Get outside, visit the park, or do anything that will make you feel alive and vivacious again. On the other hand, if you finally got a routine down, embrace it, girl. There comes power and sexiness from developing and owning your days. 

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How to Be a Mom and Still Feel Sexy

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