Maternity Fashion: The Mom Next Door

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Mom Next Door

You've already got a wardrobe built for motherhood. Casual comfort in jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and other easily washable separates is your uniform. This doesn't mean a lack of style; you just know that natural make up, flattering cuts and colors, and lived-in casuals are always in style.

Celebrity counterpart

Jennifer Garner. With a relatable style that is more best friend than Hollywood star, Jennifer strikes a key with many who see her as an example of natural beauty and achievable style. Throughout her second pregnancy, she relied on feminine tops and jeans, simple dresses, and her adorable accessory of choice, daughter Violet.

Try this:

  • It is the quintessential fashion search – the perfect pair of jeans. Try on several styles to find the best fit for you. There are options for different body types and stages of pregnancy, so that you can find the fit to flatter your belly.
  • Face framing necklines, floral prints, and feminine details on top can help keep denim feeling girly instead of sloppy.
  • Maternity t-shirts are a great basic that are cut to give you the coverage you need for your growing bump.
  • Don't forget to dress up! Find at least one great dress for special occasions that makes you feel like the sexiest pregnant woman in the world.
  • Even when you're wearing jeans, a great purse, fun scarf, or perfect jewelry completes the look. Accessories like this fit for all nine months, so make good use of them!

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Maternity Fashion: The Mom Next Door

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  1. Profile photo of Marien Marien says:

    There’s this wonderful,new secondhand clothing store here in town; it’s called Kid-to-Kid, and they sell gently used, better quality baby and children’s clothes. The best part: they have a maternity section, so I can get nice clothes at low prices.
    It’s worth to look at baby/kids consignment stores to see if they have similar.

  2. Profile photo of kimberly kimberly says:

    i really dont want to spend too much on maternity closes. I found that many of my spring dresses were flowy and already made me look pregnant so i am hoping they will fit this spring. I went to walmart and bought a half dozen leggings on clearance (end of winter sale) and hit many consignment/thrift shops looking for maternity pants/capris. I have delegated extra $$ for a few good bras ( i seem to buy a new a new one every other week).

  3. Profile photo of TwitchMarie TwitchMarie says:

    I have one pair of pj pants left that fit and can’t afford any maternity/new pants. The rubber band trick just isn’t working anymore, and all of my friends with kids are larger than I am. Starting to worry since Winter is close and it’s past the dress season. Ahhh! :/

  4. I wear yoga pants a lot but I am having a hard time finding professional wear for work. I get so frustrated and overwhelmed when shopping now. It’s miserable =[

  5. Profile photo of atothedbly atothedbly says:

    i love the yoga/workout pants the best during pregnancy!

  6. Profile photo of nancyk nancyk says:

    Yoga pants and jeans with frilly tops and baggy t-shirts. Awesome!

  7. jeans and a t-shirt have been my go-to for years lol

  8. I don’t need anything too fancy. Just something comfortable!

  9. I read all the different fashion types and I think I’m a mix of all of them =]

  10. Profile photo of Lanisoccer6 Lanisoccer6 says:

    I’m just a t-shirt and soccer shorts type woman. I sweat a lot so its hard for me to wear khakis without the sweat line (looking like I pee’d myself), so I’ll wear jeans or black pants. Yes, jewelry helps but those rings are quite fitting anymore. 😉 Good luck to all!!

  11. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    I think there’s room for every mom: mom next door, glam mommy, sporty mom…it’s great that there is a diverse universe of moms out there!


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