Teaching your children to brush their teeth

    May 19th, 2015 by Merry

    It can be incredibly difficult when you are parent to ensure that your child or children learn all of the things that you would like them to; not only how you would like them to, but when you would like them to. We have all been part of that parental conversation where one person moans about their child who has only just been toilet trained . . . and your little one is still working for it, and six months older to boot.

    However, one of the most critical things that you can learn when you are a parent – and something that is rather good to instil into your children – is that every person learns things at their own pace. Yes, they may not be the first, but as long as they are trying their hardest, you are proud of them. You should be proud of yourself for being a parent that wants to see your child flourish and grow, and although it may be difficult at times, you can celebrate every single victory, no matter how small they are.

    The number one thing that most parents are worried about their children learning to do properly is often considered to be toilet training; after all, what could be more important than that? But actually, for many people it is much more worrying that their child has shown absolutely no interest in learning to brush his or her little teeth yet. Yes, their milk teeth or ‘baby teeth’ as they are often known will fall out, and so it may not seem that important that they brush them expertly (you may want to read about better home made toothpastes). On the other hand, they are the only direct practice that your child will have for brushing their adult teeth, and good habits learned now will soon become routine when they are a little older, keeping their teeth clean and healthy for decades to come.

    So if your child finds it difficult to brush properly, here are some things to consider. Making the teeth brushing routine fun may sound easier said than done, but there are many different ways that you can do that. Firstly, find a song that you and your child can hum loudly when you brush your teeth – the loudest one wins! Another child may benefit from a timer, so that they can visibly see or hear when it is time for them to stop.

    But the easiest way to encourage your child to brush his or her teeth is, in our opinion, to educate them. Tell them why brushing their teeth and keeping plague and disease away is so important. Explain to them that they are able to practise on their current teeth, but they will only get one set of adult ones, and it is imperative that they keep them clean. When a child feels included in the decision making process, they are much more likely to abide by those decisions. Take them to choose a toothpaste, and start making teaching your child to brush their teeth a priority.

    Source: http://www.besttoothpaste.net