Meditation for Conception

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Making the decision to have a child is an exciting and promising time in one’s life. While the process happens very quickly for some, it can seem like an eternity, or even a losing battle, especially for women over 35. With infertility on the rise the past 25 years, it is important for women trying to conceive to do everything possible to generate a successful birth.

Meditation has become a popular choice of preconception preparedness for hopeful moms-to-be. What used to be seen as “hokey” has recently become accepted as the norm! The mind-over-body practice of meditation can alleviate stressors, thus increasing the possibility of becoming pregnant.


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Why Meditate?

Research has shown stress can be a leading cause of infertility and can interfere with, or even block, ovulation. Stress produces prolactin, cortisol, and other hormones that may make achieving pregnancy difficult. During meditation, the body can let go of tense, shallow breathing and focus on purposeful breathing instead, which, in turn, enriches the blood with oxygen, revives cells, and releases tensions and toxins alike.

Meditation also helps relieve depression and anxiety, which are also linked to infertility. The hypothalamus gland is responsible for the production of reproductive hormones, and when a woman is depressed or anxious, this gland is adversely affected. This can even trigger a miscarriage. Meditation stimulates the parasympathetic system—the system within the brain that produces feelings of calmness.


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How Can I Meditate?

Begin by getting into a comfortable position. Start breathing deeply, focusing on every breath you take. Breathe in and out so that both your chest and stomach rise in and out. Don’t try to fight your thoughts or expect them to immediately go away. Just observe the thoughts and allow them to come and go as they will. Notice what emotions come up with certain thoughts, and notice your reactions to them.



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Dreamscaping is a meditative process of visualizing anything that keeps your thoughts at bay, keeping your focus on calmness instead of tension. The stressor is replaced with an image that invokes peace and happiness in you and strengthens your inward connections.

Some people picture a color moving through their body and into their reproductive organs, and imagine letting go of things that no longer serve them and their goals. They also imagine a “center of softness and feminine grace” while focusing on their breathing.

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Know Your Science

While science and meditation seem worlds apart, they can help one another. Learn everything you can about how the body works, especially the reproductive system. During meditation, if you can picture what is happening inside your body and what your monthly cycle is accomplishing at that time, it can relax your senses and encourage a pregnancy to happen. This is also sometimes referred to as fertility visualization.


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Japa is the practice of repeating certain words or phrases that lift your spirit. These mantras are of your own choosing and signify what it is you would like to manifest. They should be positive, encouraging, and helpful in focusing your thoughts on the new soul you are trying to invoke. Positive affirmations can train the subconscious into believing what you are trying to manifest—in this case, training the subconscious to believe that you are pregnant.


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Left Nostril Breathing

According to the Yoga Journal, left nostril breathing draws female moon energy used for conception into your body and results in a “cooling effect on your body and quieting effect on your mind.” The Journal suggests closing off the right nostril and focusing on a point between your eyebrows as you breathe in and out rapidly for seven minutes, every morning.

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How Long Should I Meditate?

If you have never tried meditating before, it may feel very strange at first and seem pointless. Keep in mind that most things seem strange the first time you try them because they are so unfamiliar to you. Start with a few minutes a day and gradually increase the amount of time, until you learn what you are comfortable with.

Being aware and focused are more important than the amount of time devoted. Whatever form of meditation you choose, you should follow the guideline of breathing in and holding to a count of four and then exhaling to a count of four.

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Tips and Tricks

Meditation can come in many shapes and sizes, per se; and it doesn’t have to be breathing or chanting, if that’s not what you’re comfortable with. The point of it is to de-stress, not to add more stress to your life.

Activities such as walking, knitting, painting, or swimming could all be a form of meditation so long as they keep you calm and keep your attention focused on the present.

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Other things to keep in mind:

  • Music can help during meditation, and there are specific CDs available to guide you in your meditation.
  • Scents from candles and aromatherapy oils can soothe, relax, and aid in meditation.
  • Snuggling, being social, and practicing gratefulness can all help get rid of stress.
  • Physical massage, performed by you or someone else, can relax the mind as well.
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Meditation for Conception

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  1. susan says:

    this can help maintain a healthy pregnancy once achieved as well, no?

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I wish I had time in my day to do this…

  3. Ivonne says:

    I have been incorporating this into my routine, I feel better day by day…

  4. kirsten says:

    This is really comforting,having some quiet time.

  5. Eva says:

    We enforce quiet time in our home. Everyone has to sit and be quiet for about an hour a day. It helps to calm us and ensure that we don’t let daily issues take control of our positive energy!! If that makes any sense at all! haha

  6. LIZ says:

    i did this after after we conceived the baby make me feel a connection with her

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