Making the Big TWO Twice as Nice

Birthday girl blowing out candlesYour baby is turning two! No longer a baby, they are crossing the threshold into toddlerhood! You want to make it special, but maybe don't know where to begin. Here are some doubly fun and exciting two-year-old birthday ideas that will make your party the talk of the town.

First, pick a theme. What is your child into? One great theme party that, if decorated properly, can transcend gender lines is the “Dinosaur Party!” Have every partygoer adorn a dinosaur tattoo and either make or order a cool dinosaur cake. Even using Barney can work for this one. Since you are prehistoric, take the toddlers on a sandbox fossil dig in the back yard. Hide surprises and favors in the sand and they will be digging up magic every step of the way. Get a daring grown-up to dress up in a kid friendly dinosaur costume and decorate the yard with cardboard rocks and caves. This will provide plenty of activity and there are tons of premade decorations and party favors available to choose from.

Another fun party idea for two-year-olds is to do a parade party! This offers plenty of artistic intervention and cooperation from both the birthday toddler and the ones attending the party. Have them bring costumes and get enough art supplies to paint or color banners. Use your back yard or basement to design a parade route and have all the kids walk through. Instead of instruments, use plastic kazoos and balloons. The kids will stay busy and will have lots of creative and active fun in the process. The cake only has to be colorful for this themed idea.

Take a wild west detour at your house. Whether cowboy or cowgirl, there are few toddlers who don't love horses. You can use broomsticks as horses and can even allow each attendee to design their own mane with yarn. Add some sticky eyes and they have a horse. Your cake and party favors can be anything western and wild and having a pony ride at this one will add to the fun! Make sure each partygoer becomes a real sheriff with a shiny golden badge.

Where's the Beach? Perfect getaway party idea for those cold days of winter! Add a sandbox, some tiki lamps, umbrella drinks, a limbo bar, and some upbeat music and you will have a seaside resort that will keep everyone happy! Allow the children to make their own hula skirts or design their own sunglasses with craft supplies. Add some light snacks and a colorful cake and you have a party any two-year-old will love.

One really fun and interactive idea is to have a Teddy Bear party. Let each child bring their own teddy bear and hold diaper derby types of races and games. Any mom can make a teddy bear shaped cake and allowing children to decorate their own teddy bear shaped cookie is a fun and edible craft idea that little hands can manage. Put them on a scavenger hunt to find big Papa Bear hiding outside and don't forget about Goldilocks. She can be the one giving out the goody bags.

The goal with a two-year-old party is short and simple. Try to do it mid to late day so that most of the guests will have had their naps and be up for the occasion. It is advisable to not plan for more than an hour and a half and keep in mind that there is no need to offer lunch or dinner. As long as you plan several activities that will keep them moving, you will fare well. Two-year-olds do not sit still for long and bounce house rentals may be a good idea to include so that they stay stimulated. Invite 5 to 8 guests and plan some snacks for the adults to enjoy as well. Turning two is a big deal, and this will be the first of many parties that they might just remember!

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Making the Big TWO Twice as Nice

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  1. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I like small birthdays.

  2. Profile photo of Aimee Aimee says:

    Great ideas, but I would rather keep it to family, in other words keep birthdays small.


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