Double Duty in the First Two Months: Making Life Easier for Mom


The best thing you can to do is to get them into a routine or schedule of doing everything at the same time. 

When you bring your twins home from the hospital, you may feel a little overwhelmed; this really goes without saying. Chances are your twins are a bit smaller than the standard baby, and their needs, especially feeding, will be more encompassing in the first few weeks. While most babies need to eat every 3-4 hours, twins will need to eat around every hour and a half in the very beginning; this is often complicated by the fact that many twins born a few weeks early, and babies born a few weeks early usually do not have properly developed sucking muscles, therefore, special attention will be required during feedings.

You, like most other mothers of twins, will have tons of help in the immediate days and weeks following birth. However, after the 3 to 4 week mark, your twins are no longer an event to everyone else, and you will, at some point, find yourself caring for them alone! Stay calm, and realize right now that the first month or two with your twins, is the easiest you will ever have it!

One person can effectively care for newborn twins. The best thing you can to do is to get them into a routine or schedule of doing everything at the same time. Feed them bottles at the same time, give their baths one right after the next, and even do diaper changes in tandem. If one baby wakes up to feed at 2:00 am and the other seems peaceful, wake the other up anyways and give him a bottle. By doing everything at the same time, you will actually be giving yourself more time to rest — ensuring that you won't spend 24 hours a day tending to a newborn. If there is any advice a new mom of twins MUST follow, this tidbit is IT! Maintain a consistent and simultaneous schedule of everything for both babies.

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The easiest way to bottle feed or nurse two babies at once is to sit in a full-sized recliner that has arms (as cute as the nursery rockers and gliders are, they are just too small for a mother of twins). Put one in each arm and prop them up using your arms, wrapping your hand around their head to hold the bottle. At first, this may seem cumbersome, but in a few days, you will be a pro. When one needs a burp, simply dislodge both from eating, and burp them one right after the other. Chances are you will have one twin that is a gulper while the other one can barely stay awake during the feeding. When it's over, you will have time to hold and rock two sleeping angels, and when you are ready you can transport them to the crib to sleep. Guess what? After that you get to enjoy some time for yourself!


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Double Duty in the First Two Months: Making Life Easier for Mom

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  1. Erica says:

    I have a four year old boy and just gave birth to my second child, a six week old son. The age difference between the two, the outrageous energy level of my four year old, and the combination it creates with an infant who is up every two hours at night or sometimes most of the night is testing my sanity as is. I could not imagine two infants at the same time or any form of multiples at that. I give much credit to mothers of multiples.

  2. Cintia rios says:

    As a mother of girl twins i know what its like for you to want to spend some time with your babys after everyone has had them in their arms it happened to me when they were born and it happens now that they are 5 months old

  3. REKERIA says:

    I guess have to get ready but I have lots of help.

  4. Im pregnant with twins…! Boy and girl…. im so excited they almost here

  5. flyrggr2 says:

    My twins are 12 weeks now. I agree with everything but the bath. I can’t make one wait to be dressed, they get too cold. I do bathe them one after the other and use a bouncy seat for the one not being bathed and dressed.
    As for the feeding…. I’ve got them now only waking once a night and at the same time. The Breast Friend twin feeder has been a lifesaver. It sits on my hips so I can carry them both around from crib to my bed to feed. During the day I’ll feed separate when I can to give them each more attention.

  6. april says:

    The way that this is presented does not work for me. I am a mom of twins and i do not feed them at the same time on breast feeding. Reason I never started that is because I wanted a chance to spend a little time with each one and I can by breastfeeding them separately. I feed each one 10min at a time. On everything else (not naps same reason as breastfeeding) it is done at the same time.

  7. sheenaholman says:

    Twins would be lots of work but I think fun too.

  8. ChrisS says:

    I wonder how my mother took care of me and my twin sister.

  9. i didnt have twins but my daughter’s are 10 months apart…pretty close

  10. Kendra says:

    I was lucky and did not have twins


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