toddler eating banana

Some days you may find your wee one eating and eating and eating. Other days, you may think they are surviving on air alone.

With every day an adventure, it may be wise to always be ready with a snack – or even a meal. When your toddler is ready to eat, you can be ready too!

After all, what's more fun than a hungry and cranky toddler?

Oh, yes, lots of things.

When you are heading out and about, the last thing you need to be worrying about is refrigeration for your toddler's lunch. After all, most of us consider just getting out of the house a success, let alone worrying about packing one more thing!

If you are looking for some easy alternatives for lunchtime that are also healthy, toddler-friendly, and won't need long-term refrigeration, here are some easy food solutions:

  • Cheese – cubes, slices, or sticks
  • Cooked beans (served at room temperature) such as green beans, peas, chick-peas, and/or black beans
  • Fruit (cut in slices as needed) such as apples, bananas, berries, pears, peaches, etc.
  • Mini-muffins
  • Raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and green or red peppers (cut up in appropriate toddler bites)
  • Water – if you are concerned about the heat turning milk bad, choose water – it's a simple and healthy alternative (vs. juice)
  • Whole-grain crackers, pretzels, and/or breads

Once given the “green light” from your pediatrician that your child can have peanut butter, a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich can provide the perfect, non-refrigerated, lunch. Peanut butter also provides a wonderful “sweet treat” topping for apples or bananas.

Don't forget the wipes when you are packing a lunch to go. After all, even though these foods are easy, toddler-friendly, and don't require long-term refrigeration, it doesn't mean they won't be messy!

Bon appetit!

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  1. Profile photo of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    Great idea! I’ve done this where I just keep the wipes baggie in my purse along with one diaper.

  2. Profile photo of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    THis article’s making me hungry!
    My children always like it when I toast their pbj sandwiches in the broiler.

  3. Profile photo of Melody Melody says:

    Neat trick my mom showed me–a banana naturally divides into segments of thirds. Peel a banana and stick your finger down the middle of the banana, lengthwise. Your fingers will get a little sticky, but it’s a convenient way to share bit-sized segments with your little one if you don’t have a knife on hand.

  4. Profile photo of Aimee Aimee says:

    Great ideas here! Also, if you put wipes into a ziploc baggie, you have less bulk than with a wipe travel case, and the wipes stay fresher longer.


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