Life with a Baby on the Go

Baby pushing up on handsLife with baby: you may not be the only one on the go these days. Your baby may be showing signs that he or she may be on the move soon. It may not be long before your baby crawls!

The age that a baby first crawls varies. On average, babies may crawl as early as 6 months, or as late as 13 months.

Over the last few months, your baby has not only grown bigger, they have grown stronger. This includes the trunk of their body (mid-section), as well as their hips. Your baby has also acquired head control and is learning how to balance their body. You may find that your baby is rolling over, stomach to back and then over again, and they may also be able to sit up independently. This progressive growth means they are well on their way to having acquired the skills they will need.

Before your baby officially takes off and moves across the room, you may see them:

  • Moving from a sitting position to one where they are on their hands and knees
  • Rocking back and forth on their knees and hands

Next thing you know, your baby has learned that they may push off with their knees and ta-da – they can move forward!

Like all development, the pace at which a baby progresses through this series of steps, leading them to be a proficient crawler, may differ. In fact, some babies never crawl and may proceed right to standing and/or walking. Some babies may acquire movements different than traditional hands and knees crawl (such as scooting on their bottom, etc.). You may also see your baby move backwards more easily than forwards. Babies are certainly individuals, and each will do it differently.

Before your baby is up and running (or crawling!), be sure to have baby proofed your home. Although small in size, they can be fast!

Babies are curious and active learners. Want to see the world from their view? Take the time to get down in a crawling position and take in the world. Be mindful of any items that may pose a health or safety risk to your child (it's time to make sure those baby gates are up!).

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Life with a Baby on the Go

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  1. Timothy says:

    i have to get her ready and go with me if I have a service call any time of the day or night.. but she is pretty easy to do that for.

  2. Timothy says:

    it is hard to do on your own.

  3. Marina says:

    Time does pass by quickly and their development changes so much.

  4. Charavon says:

    I can total wait for this!! I dont need her running crazy just yet!

  5. sheenaholman says:

    Cant wait for more movement!

  6. My son was 4 months when he started to roll over and he wanted to jump all the time by 7 he was crawling and now that he’s 8 months he wants to Stan on his own and start walking 🙂

  7. Anastacia113 says:

    My daughter is 6 months, once she started to roll over there was no stopping her, she can crawl, but only backwards right now, lol

  8. Grace says:

    mine too, he has not started yet- just this past Saturday he rolled over

  9. Grace says:

    i would try not to worry but just keep letting your baby have tummy time, opps now i’m reading the date, when did your baby crawl?

  10. Angela says:

    My baby is almost six months. I wonder when she will start to crawl??

  11. Mei says:

    My Aaron is 6 months, he scootches across the floor, pushes up to his hands and knees, rocks back and forth….Any day now!

  12. revogurl06 says:

    she is also wanting to crawl she hasn’t mastered it but we are getting close.

  13. revogurl06 says:

    the day she was born she was very strong. at 2 weeks she rolled on her tummy for the first time. and now she is a little over a month and she loves sitting and standing with help. she held her head when she was 1 day old now she is able to hold it by herself

  14. My baby is 7 months old and no signs of crawling yet, but I still do tummy time, good to know that he might skip this milestone. I was starting to worry.


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