8 Tips for Leaving the Hospital After Child Birth

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You only get to bring your baby home for the first time once; so slow down and enjoy every moment!

Labor and delivery can be tough on everyone; and there is only so much you can control.

But you definitely don’t want to feel rushed out the door, nor like you’ve forgotten something important.

Here are eight tips to help:

 1.  Send as much home as you can the day before you check out of the hospital. Chances are your room will be full of balloons, flowers, or cards.

2.  Be sure to have an extra pair of baggy clothes to wear home. Even after delivery, you will be most comfortable in clothes that are significantly larger than your pre-pregnancy clothes.

3.  Ask your escort to bring the car as close to the hospital as possible, and carry only baby and burp cloth to the car. Don’t try to juggle too many things yourself as you bring your new baby outside of the hospital for the first time.

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4.  Take your time! New mommies walk slow, especially those who have had a c-section. Besides, you only get to bring your baby home for the first time once; so slow down and enjoy every moment!

5.  Never underestimate how complicated car seats can be. If you have never used a car seat, or if you have never used the particular car seat in your car that day, review the manual before you get to the car with baby. Some people find it easiest to strap the baby into the car seat first, carry that to the car, and then strap the car seat into the car. Never put a rear-facing car seat in the front seat!

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8 Tips for Leaving the Hospital After Child Birth

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  1. Profile photo of valentina valentina says:

    Glad to see your article

  2. Profile photo of JaiBird JaiBird says:

    Take advantage of all the help you recieve and dont rush going home!!!!!! If you can stay an extra day in the hospital, then stay!!! You will be home soon enough and trust me, you will miss the hospital stay!

  3. Be prepared to not go home with your baby. I wasn’t at all, and cried a river going home without my son.

    Sometimes their bilirubin level is too high and they have to stay a little longer. They will keep your baby under a light or on a pad that helps break down the bilirubin. My son stayed a total of 5 days, and I had to go home on day 3. Luckily the hospital allowed me to take him into the room I had stayed at previously and I could bond and attempt to nurse (ended up bottle feeding, as my milk would not come in).

    I was an absolute mess.

    When we got the go ahead to go home, his daddy was at work (we couldn’t afford for him to be off work) and I had to drive the baby home alone.. Nerve wrecking!

  4. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    I like eveything that was said, now I just have to remember it all lol

  5. Profile photo of Sierra Sierra says:

    Already have my hospital bag packed 🙂 can’t wait

  6. Profile photo of Nat Nat says:

    I’ve had four kids and I never once was allowed to walk to the car with baby, the nurse always wheels you to the door in a wheel chair and hubby pulls car around to pick you up. It has something to do with insurance and legal stuff. My top 5 tips would go like this…
    1) don’t bring anything but the necessaries to the hospital and leave space in the bags you do pack so you have room to bring extras home, most hospitals will provide diapers for baby and pads for you (and you get to keep any open packages bonus!), so make sure you have them at home but you don’t need to pack them. Then you won’t have a ton of things to take to the car.

    2)find out if your hospital has a check out time like a hotel, some hospitals try to have every one checked out and rooms empty to be cleaned by a set time. Other hospitals run by doctors orders and you are released whenever your doctor says you can be, then you sign release paperwork and go home.

    3)Have whoever is driving you home come as soon as you know you are going to be released at some hospitals this process happens very quickly. Even if it takes some time they can help you get everything together and take stuff out to the car. And they can keep the car running to have it warm and ready for baby.

    4)I believe hospitals are required to have a nurse check the car seat and baby in car seat to make sure it is in properly and the baby is safe, so don’t feel like the nurse does not think you did it right. He\She is just doing her job and making sure he\she and the hospital does not get sued if you get in an accident on the way home.

    5)Plan on sitting next to you baby in the backseat especially if you have a longer drive home, new baby crying in the backseat can be pretty nerve wracking for a new mom sitting up front!

  7. I don’t think anyone is really fully prepared.

  8. The countdown begins!!

  9. me tooo….scared and excited at the same time

  10. Profile photo of life life says:

    thank you for the tips i only have 9more weeks to go.

  11. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I have 10 weeks left 🙂 I can’t wait to see and hold my baby! :3

  12. Profile photo of BlakesMom BlakesMom says:

    I have 7 more weeks to go, for I’m so happy! I already have all of our hospital bags packed. The car seat is already installed in the vehicle. I need to get some long comfortable pads because I’ve heard numerous of people mention I will most defiantly need them.

  13. Profile photo of lyndsey lyndsey says:

    9 weeks to go! i cant wait to see my lil boy!

  14. Profile photo of PamelaPlus3 PamelaPlus3 says:

    I am not ready yet!! 13 more weeks!!! yay

  15. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    mama cat had good suggestions, i’d say too if you have a laptop or book bring those too…

  16. Profile photo of MamaCat MamaCat says:

    I would just pack the essentials: A good night gown and slippers or socks for at the hospital; something comfy to wear home; a toothbruth/hairbrush and your camera. I packed a bunch of other things and needed NONE of them. I would also back a spiral notebook to keep some notes or write down some stories if you want to keep those for your baby book. Good luck with baby!

  17. Profile photo of katherine katherine says:

    Make sure to cover your ears!

  18. Profile photo of renee200823 renee200823 says:

    I’m soo ready for this!

  19. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I’ve packed my stuff and the baby’s stuff I’m hoping I did the best and packed what I really needed

  20. What should I bring with me in my bag? I have only my daughters bag ready but have no idea what to pack for me.

  21. Profile photo of verochka31 verochka31 says:

    have to agree with most moms……………….take home whatever the hospital offers for both you and the baby. whatever you leave behind in the room will get thrown out……………like the diapers, wipes, pads for self, syringe, the fine hair comb. u can always throw it out at home if u don’t end up using it, but you already paid for it.

  22. Profile photo of monsue87 monsue87 says:

    Take what the hospital offers for you and your baby!! It gets thrown away when you leave and heck…you’ve already paid for it!


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