Thank You for Entering the Kenmore Sweepstakes

Thanks for entering! We're honored we've been given the opportunity to help improve your family's home and way of life with an amazing Kenmore kitchen appliance!

Want to increase your chances at winning exponentially?

Watch additional videos from the Kenmore Kitchen on our EFTV Eats channel on the site to find five more entry codes! Submit the additional codes in the entry field just below the video you watched for more chances to win! Every two weeks five more codes will be added to the line-up to increase your chances of winning even more valuable prizes!!

Because we want everyone to have the best chances of winning, we've decided to share hints to help you determine which five of our delicious EFTV Eats recipe videos you'll find codes in:

Hint #1: No duff about it – these sweet treats are the real, delicious deal. 
Hint #2: You will not be disappointed with a bowl of this creamy seafood. 
Hint #3: So soft these bite-sized sweets feel – er, taste – like velvet. 
Hint #4: They're not really bad like the name suggests, we promise!
Hint #5: These vegetable pancakes + sauce are smokin’ good!

cookmore-logo-originalThe winning doesn't stop here! Visit – Your destination for food and cooking – and enter for a chance to cook live in the studio at the Kenmore Kitchen with chef Kari Karch! Your recipe could be our next Recipe of the Month. Submit your favorite dish for a chance at the featured spot, PLUS an invitation to cook in our live studio with chef Kari Karch!


What do you think?

Thank You for Entering the Kenmore Sweepstakes

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  1. Julia says:

    very hopeful I will win one of these wonderful items !

  2. sue14625 says:

    my hand mixer was given to me it smells awful -person was –er-not so clean I Have tried everything to get the smell out of this older hand mixer but cant -it seems to be coming form the motor area —i need a new one

  3. Susan says:

    I could really use a new mixer mine no longer works. The Kenmore artisan is exactly what I’m looking for

  4. Charlene says:

    I need one so bad!

  5. Jeannette says:

    Great sweepstakes…thanks

  6. nancyhansen says:

    I think it would be great to win this dishwasher, since mine is over 20 years old and I need a new one that can clean.

  7. Allison says:

    Thanks for helping families everywhere!! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  8. charles says:

    Half the codes don’t work this week. The last video i guessed at the typo and got it.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Charles – So sorry for the trouble, and thank you for making us aware of the issues! We have corrected these problems and everyone will now be able to enter with the codes. Good luck in the sweepstakes!

  9. jennifier33 says:

    I just got the email today. Thank you so much. I can’t believe I won. I can’t wait to get my food processor.

  10. bunu says:

    have a feeling like m gonna win yaahhhh 🙂

  11. Gra-Gra says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of entering to win great products. I cook 3 meals a day – every day along with 3 snacks for 7 people.

  12. Man could I really use some new appliances… Ours are so old! Was going to replace a few but our water heater just broke and its winter now so need to save for heat so our little one doesn’t get cold… So if we won some of these if even just one, it truly would be a heaven send… Good luck to all! BTW does anyone know what recipe I need to look at for the *fruity antipasto*?

  13. Sandra says:

    Great contest and a good recipe today!

  14. Thomas says:

    I’m cooking for 6 boys( 10 yrs old, 5 yr old, 4 yr old, 1 yr old and 3 day old twins) and a husband. Now you know I need all the appliances. Thank you Kenmore

  15. Namaste says:

    Good luck for all!

  16. Noamie says:

    I sure could use those appliances. I have a few broken ones right now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  17. Diane says:

    Hope I win! My poor appliances are getting old.

  18. doanb says:

    Very exciting giveaway! Thank you Kenmore!

  19. doanb says:

    WOW! Sears is really going all out on this one! Someone is going to be very happy! Kenmore is quality! It last almost forever! Thank you Kenmore !

  20. Luisa says:

    I would love to win some Kenmore appliances! Good Luck Everyone! =)

  21. Brayden says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of entering to win great products

  22. Brayden says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of entering to win great products which are very much needed to update my kitchen

  23. Brayden says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of winning such great products which are very much needed to update my kitchen

  24. Paula says:

    Great Prizes Hope to Win Goodluck everyone

  25. gfeld says:

    Love this contest. good luck everyone


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