Juice or No Juice?

baby with juice

There's a debate on whether or not it is healthy to give babies and toddlers juice. While technically they don't need juice (water and milk are just fine), many parents choose to give their children juice for variety and because, well, they really like it. If you're wondering what to do about juice, here are a few ideas.

One concern about giving babies and toddlers juice is that it contributes to obesity. There are a lot of juices on the market that are full of sugar, which equates to empty calories. However, if you choose a juice that is 100% juice, you don't need to fret. Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. for the Mayo Clinic says “Recent studies have confirmed that drinking moderate amounts of 100 percent fruit juice doesn't affect a child's weight.” Some brands that offer 100% juice are Ocean Spray, Tropicana, Juicy Juice, and Gerber.

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Try to stay away from sugary drinks, like juice that isn't 100% fruit juice, drinks made from powders, and soda. These drinks offer little nutritional benefits for your children, and sometimes the extra jolt of sugar can make them hyper and cranky anyway.

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Juice or No Juice?

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  1. Danielle says:

    interesting article I think I am going to limit the amount of juice I give my children.

  2. melissa says:

    I had to start juice early, my little girl gets terrible constipation and i would rather give her diluted juice every other day then attempt a suppository or laxative, her pediatrician agrees..

  3. LIZ says:

    i dont trust in a fruit juice jar, i want to give baby a juice made from scratch, less sugar

  4. Lilyanne says:

    We will do small amounts of juice after she starts solids at 6 months, but we will make it ourselves with our juicer so she will also get the benefits of natural fiber and no added sugar.

  5. dvmsara says:

    “There are a lot of juices on the market that are full of sugar, which equates to empty calories. However, if you choose a juice that is 100% juice, you don’t need to fret.”

    Huh?? Look again–100% apple juice has as much sugar and calories as Coke or Pepsi; 100% grape juice has even more!!

  6. sheenaholman says:

    I probably wont start until a year, but we will see.

  7. Grace says:

    a good thing to also do is avoid giving any candy as long as you can; with my first baby i was able to not give any candy until she was 2- at which time grandma introduced candy

  8. Grace says:

    starting juice only in using to relieve tummy issues

  9. MCWills258 says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would give their baby juice. It has such little nutritional value including sugar and empty calories that your baby doesn’t need, and if they like it they may end up preferring it over breastmilk, water, etc and that couldn’t end up well. I’m going to avoid juice for as long as possible and stick with the real things of breastmilk and actual fruits and vegetables prepared by me with no additives.

  10. Grace says:

    hmmm i don’t know about juice just yet

  11. Brittney says:

    My little one just starting getting juice, 2 oz a day with 2 oz of water. He loves it and gets it with lunch time. other than that it’s formula or water.

  12. juice was fine for my other kids but now it isnt recommended but all my kids r doing great..juice is a good idea

  13. Jess1477 says:

    no juice for my little one yet

  14. meredith says:

    At 8 months, we’re still juice-free. My son takes some water from a cup daily to practice, so I might add diluted juice in a month or two, we’ll see.


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