Journaling Your Family’s Memories

little girl in a white dressYou know those little moments in life – the ones that make you burst into fits of laughter, fill you with joy and gratitude, or even the tough moments that strengthened you – that you want to remember always? Over time, those beautiful, little moments seem like they’ll never leave you, but the reality is that they will; some time goes by, life gets busy, new things happen, and then those little moments, the ones that you thought you’d never forget, will slowly fade. Do not let those memories ever leave you; they are too precious, too life shaping. Keep them close. Preserve your life in a journal.

Book of Scraps
My grandma showed me her mother‘s scrapbook. It was just a simple notebook, but it was there that she preserved her life. Her thoughts and memories were handwritten on the lined pages as well as photographs; she wrote down favorite lyrics from songs, jokes, and glued cut-out poems to the pages, even wrappers and instructions were attached to the pages. She loved and appreciated every simple moment. It’s clear that a scrapbook can be just that – a book of scraps – or rather, a book of simple memories. So, go on and purchase a simple notebook, keep it close so that you can quickly note down the day your toddler took his first step, insert a picture of a candid photo of you and your sweetie, and all of those hilarious things your child said.

Box It
Some things just can’t be kept in a book, like maybe that rock your little one decorated to look like you, or the seashells you collected on the beach with your family; this case calls for a lovely monogrammed box. Gently place your treasured objects into your keepsake container. Perhaps you might even want to attach a nice tag with the back story written on it, so that you’ll always remember why it meant so much to your family.

Artistic Collage
Between artistic photography sessions, it’s the snap shots that capture our most honest moments, yet they often get overshadowed by beautiful family portraits. Turn your loose 3×5’s into an artistic display; write about the event or person, state your thoughts, memories, or inscribe a quote right on top of the pictures. Arrange your photos into a shape, like a heart, on an empty wall, or maybe a pattern down the hallway is more your style. With a wall collage, there’s no book to open; every time you pass it, it will be as if all your precious moments will be displayed right before you. It’ll be like living within your journal.

Whatever your preference to journal-keeping is, just keep record of the big and small moments that happen in your life. Years later, when you take a moment to read about your past experiences, you’ll be thankful that you took the time to record all the little things that make your life beautiful.

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Journaling Your Family’s Memories

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  1. Profile photo of John Haley John Haley says:

    Sounds fun! I know my mother kept a HOPE chest for me and my brother. She has already started “raiding” it for baby!

  2. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    im planning to have a year by year photo book to give to my familiy and keep memories of my baby

  3. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I would always want to do this but for some reasons I could not start on it!

  4. Profile photo of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    This is all nice and simple. THank you!

  5. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    I’m definitely going to keep this in mind with my new son. I don’t want to forget a thing and I would love for others to experience his milestones along with us.

  6. I love scrap booking.

  7. Profile photo of meredith meredith says:

    Love the idea of a scrapbook or journal, but I never stay on top of it.

  8. great Ideas now that I have more free time I will start a scrap book I want to record every single moment of my son’s development and adventures.

  9. Profile photo of Rachel2611 Rachel2611 says:

    i have a journal that i write in about all of my daughters firsts and just other special things we do as a family. I love it! i also have so many photos organized in chronological order!


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