Infertility: Questions & Causes

Movies and television often make getting pregnant seem like the simplest thing in the world, but that isn't always the case. Are you having a more difficult time conceiving than you had originally anticipated? Use the articles below to help you decide when it is appropriate to schedule a visit with your doctor.

Trouble Getting Pregnant - Preconception
Common Infertility Issues Explained

Did you know that one in five couples encounter fertility issues when they try to ...
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Causes of Infertility: Female

When a couple is evaluated for infertility, almost half of the time it is found to be due ...
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Causes of Infertility: Male

The causes of infertility, or the inability of a couple to get pregnant, are ...
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How Long Does It Normally Take to Get Pregnant? When Should We Be Concerned?

If you are having regular menstrual periods, you are probably ovulating regularly. You ...
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Is Stress Keeping You from Getting Pregnant?

Have you been trying to get pregnant, but just can't with no medical explanation of ...
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