Increasing Your Milk Supply


Breast milk has more nutrients and calories in it per ounce than formula, meaning your baby gets more with less. Additionally, infants and babies will often seek out the breast (even after the milk is gone) simply to seek comfort, or to indulge their innate suckling urges.

Keep in mind that the signs of adequate milk supply will be evident in your baby. If he is maintaining a healthy weight and seems to be thriving, you can rest assured that your milk supply is adequate.

One of the most amazing qualities of the breast, is that it can automatically adjust to supply the amount of milk your baby needs. If you worry that your milk supply is not adequate enough for your baby – if you truly think that milk supply is a problem, you should speak with a lactation consultant because there are ways that you can help increase your milk supply.

If you want to increase your supply, it is best to set aside a few days to get started. First, allow your baby to nurse as often as possible on both breasts. If your baby still want to suckle, even after the milk seems to be gone, allow him to do so. This will often help you to produce more milk. Even though it may not always be convenient, instead of offering a pacifier allow your baby to utilize the breast for all suckling needs. I know that some mothers bring their babies to bed with them to allow the baby to stay in contact with the breast throughout the duration of the night. Remember, of course, that co-sleeping is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine.

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If you have a breast pump, try to pump every two to three hours. After a day or two, pump milk between nursing to keep your milk production up as much as possible. Nipple stimulation is another way to bring in more milk.


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Increasing Your Milk Supply

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  1. Mandi says:

    I am currently bf my 9 week old. She is gaining weight and seems full after each feeding. I started pumping (not regularly) a week and a half ago, to get prepared to go back to work at 12 weeks. However, I am having problems getting milk during pumping. Some times I get 2 ounces, sometimes less than half an ounce. Any ideas on how to get more from pumping? I am scared that I won’t make enough milk once she’s not feeding all the time like she is now.

  2. Paige says:

    I started out strickly breastfeeding and after a month my ptoproduction went lower. I on the other hand did not realize it. For a week my baby was very fussy. I would feed for hour after hour but nothing would help. I finally gave her a bottle of formula and she slept beautifully. Through the night for the first time. I realized that I was trying to feed her but my body hadnt been giving a full meal. Now I’m supplimenting and searching desperately for ways to increase my production. I plan to breast feed for a year. 12 weeks in so far…

  3. Marty says:

    I am going thru this at the moment. With my first I bf him 6 months now my second is going on 4 months. Her pediatrion had me put her on formula between bf due to her being a different blood type. I’m O+ & she’s B+. My supply was good now it’s down a lot. I’m trying the lactation cookies & mother’s milk teas. Any suggestions would be great thanks:-)

  4. Martha says:

    I am looking foward to breastfeed for atleast 6 months.. My last baby i only breastfed her till 3 months because she didnt want nomore breastmilk…

  5. MrsPearson says:

    I really want to do breastfeeding this time. My supply wasnt up well the first time but i really feel confident about this, this time.

    • Jessie says:

      Good for you! 🙂 There is ways to increase your supply too. & I recommend feeding your baby on demand, that’s what I have done with my little man & he has always been a good sleeper. He has always slept through the night since he was a newborn (only woke a few times through the night when he was sick & teething). But look up more about On demand feeding & you will see what I mean.
      My boy just turned 9 months old yesterday & he is 22lbs & 29 inches long. 🙂

  6. Always ask a lactation consultant. In my case, my baby was underweight, I had no idea I had low milk supply. It turned out I should’ve fed her more frequently. I counted 3 hours from the last feeding, but from the end of the feeding instead of from the beginning of last feeding. I shouldn’t have scheduled the feedings in the first place. I thought I had good milk supply and if I fed her at 1, finished at 2, and my breasts were full and leaking slightly at 5, then I have good milk. I should’ve fed her whenever she showed sings of hunger – smacking lips, putting fist/fingers in mouth, or at least every 2 hours, counting from beginning of feeding, so if feeding at 1 pm, then beginning next feeding at 3pm. My baby’s pediatricians asked me if I feel I have milk, and I answered in affirmative to all questions, the question that finally proved I had low milk supply was – how much did your breasts grow , how many cups more? Answer was none really, perhaps half a cup. So please don’t hesitate to feed the baby as often as possible if it’s not on track with gaining weight. She’s a healthy weight now and constant breastfeeding ( sometimes 2 to 3 hrs in a row, most of the day and taking naps in side lying position with the baby) upped my supply from 1 oz to 3 oz currently, still working on more. One more thing, when your breasts seem empty, the baby still gets something out of them, moreover, it gets the best kind of milk, hindmilk, drop by drop.

  7. Amy says:

    Good information

  8. Brandi says:

    I like this article. Makes it seem much easier, but I believe the key is to ask for help about something when you are in doubt. Don’t try and be a soldier momma.

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