I Have Diabetes, and I’m Pregnant. What Should I Know?

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Thousands of women who have diabetes have had successful pregnancies and healthy babies. The trick to having both a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby is staying on top of your glucose levels. 

Pregnancy brings a whole heap of changes when it comes to your body, your diet, and definitely your wardrobe, but for women that have diabetes, those changes become just a little more complicated. Here are five questions that are pretty common among women who are diabetic and pregnant.

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What can I eat?

Your diet is going to be essentially the same as it was preconception. One difference, however, is the amount of food that needs to be eaten. While this is normal and suggested for all women, the difference between a non-diabetic pregnancy and a diabetic pregnancy is what is eaten and when it should be eaten. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, women who have diabetes should be eating three meals a day with three snacks to complement those meals.

There are stipulations, however. While you should be conscious of the carbohydrates you are taking it, the CDA recommends even going as far as restricting carbohydrates from your diet and eating a good balance of vegetables, whole grains, non-fat dairy products, fruits, lentils, and lean meats. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the third meal of the day should be eaten right before bedtime.

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What are some precautions I should take?

Whether you have hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, it is extremely important that your glucose levels are checked regularly. Doctors also suggest that pregnant women with diabetes check their blood sugar at night. Some women may already be doing this, but others aren't; this all depends on their doctor's instructions. If you typically check your blood sugar at night, continue doing so. If you aren't a night checker, get into the habit of getting up and checking your glucose levels. You'll want to make sure everything's all right so that you and baby can be healthy during pregnancy.

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I Have Diabetes, and I’m Pregnant. What Should I Know?

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