How to Use: Coupons and Free Stuff


It’s no secret that having a family can be expensive. We haven’t found a secret stash of money anywhere (we’re still looking!), but we have collected some great free offers and coupons that we are happy to pass along to our EverydayFamily members. So what’s the deal?

  • Sweepstakes: Along with our ongoing Free Diapers for a Year promotion, we feature a variety of sweepstakes opportunities for our members. Visit the site, in particular our Sweepstakes page, “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to hear all the latest on upcoming sweepstakes.
  • Free Baby Stuff: We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in baby gear and beyond to provide our members with access to special free offers. Make sure to sign up!
  • Grocery Coupons: Everyone has to eat, so you might as well save a bit while you shop! Find great coupons for your favorite items in an easy to use and easy to print format. We’ll get you the best deal and get you on your way.


What do you think?

How to Use: Coupons and Free Stuff

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  1. Dianne says:

    I will definitely start using coupons especially now that I have another child on the way, and their birthdays are close to holidays

  2. LIZ says:

    i love coupons

  3. Sierra-Dawn says:

    Love it .. Seeing that I don’t have a job

  4. jaimee says:

    who doesn’t love coupons and freebies…..give me!

  5. JamJam says:

    i cant figure out how to print coupons???

  6. dyna5150 says:

    if you use gerber formula make sure to sign up for their coupons! youll receive a $10 coupon good for any size container of formula! it makes the big package cheaper than the little one!

  7. ChrisS says:

    I always use coupons in all the stuff I buy. More savings what everyone wants!

  8. I didn’t realize that you could win stuff or get coupons until I took this course. That’s awesome!

  9. rosalie says:

    love couponings, especially diapers…

  10. Peace says:

    Coupons make moms’ day. We love them.

  11. Angela says:

    We moms love prizes!

  12. Leeana says:

    I love getting the most out of my shopping trip by using coupons and making a list comparision

  13. maretondo says:

    deals and coupons!

  14. MLS says:

    Cool helpful.

  15. For the Launch Sweeps there is a different task each day. If you don’t have Facebook, then that day won’t work for you, but check back on other days – there are plenty of other ways to enter!

  16. mida says:

    for the sweepstakes if i dont have facebook or twitter is any other option to enter?I dont like facebook or twitter.

  17. Thank you! Just what we needed to keep the sanity & peace… Lol

  18. Very informative love this site

  19. Mayri says:

    would love to learn how to get to most out of coupons

  20. Ladyalana407 says:

    Still learning the site. This course was very helpful.


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