How Late Can My Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

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When you are expecting a baby, you naturally wonder who he or she is going to look like. Whose eyes is the baby going to have, and whose hair?

Children who are going to have brown eyes may start with blue, and their eye color may start to darken and eventually turn to brown. 

When the baby is born and you first get a look at your little one, you can count all their fingers and toes and get a pretty good idea of how healthy they are right away. But you have to wait to know about their hair and eyes, especially if they are born with light-colored eyes. How long you have to wait depends to a large extent on the eye colors in your family.

Babies are usually born with blue/blue-gray or brown eyes. If both parents are light-skinned Caucasians, blue or blue-gray may be the eye color you will first see. If you both have dark skin and brown eyes, your little one will probably have brown eyes at birth, but not necessarily. It depends on the genes for eye color that you passed down to them.

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Eye color is inherited. It used to be thought that it was a simple inheritance pattern, and often it is. Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. Research has revealed that there may be more than two genes involved in eye color as it was previously believed. If you have brown eyes, you might have multiple brown-eye genes, or some brown and some blue. If you have blue eyes, you have more genes for blue eyes. Two brown-eyed parents will usually have brown-eyed babies. However, if both parents have a blue-eye gene, they can have a blue-eyed child. To help anticipate if this might happen to you, look back at your parents and grandparents. Think if there were any blue eyes among your relatives.


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How Late Can My Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

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  1. Profile photo of TabresAnjum TabresAnjum says:

    Hello … Iam happy to share that god bless me with baby girl . on 19.08.2015 .she is healthy and fine she’s right eye Iris is white it hides black Iris color but left eye is black iris normal color . me and my wife eye iris color is black . how can be cure this .. if it is possible if baby grew it will comes same black iris color . or any other medicine drops or any food to feeding mother so it can be help ful to baby of finialy iris transpant surgery .. please give me some suggestion .. waiting for your replay

  2. Profile photo of Andrea Andrea says:

    My husband and I both have green eyes. Our two girls both have amazing blue eyes. They are 4 and 6 so I’m wondering if they can change or they are pretty much set to have blue eyes. We are going to have our first little boy in march and I’m just hoping he has the same big blue eyes, because everyone ALWAYS comments on my girls eyes and it would be a shame if he was left out. Although I love green eyes too!
    My mother and my husbands father both have very blue eyes.
    My father and my husbands mother both have brown eyes.
    So i guess genetics could lead to baby boy having blue, green, or brown!

  3. Profile photo of Kenzi Kenzi says:

    My son is 3 months old and he already has his dad’s eyes, alternating from brown to green, and have been for like a month now. His eyes were such a pretty blue at birth then changed to brown at a month, I had hoped that they would turn green then one day I noticed they were, even though it was a dark green, it was clearly not brown. Hope they get lighter but stay the same colors. Don’t like brown eyes, too common for my taste

  4. Profile photo of jenelle jenelle says:

    My daughter had blue eyes at birth and for years afterwards, as she’s gotten older though they are more grey than blue, they are a very awesome color really, she’s 11 now and hopefully they stay, both myself and her dad have blue eyes, my mom had blue eyes and my dad brown eyes. My son is 3 weeks old, has blue eyes and I hope they stay that way. His dad has brown eyes so we’ll see.

  5. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    My dad’s mom and I have green eyes, both my parents and my husband have blue eyes. I wondered what color eyes or daughter would have…. Turns out she has blue eyes from birth and they’re still blue, a different shade but still blue!!

  6. Profile photo of Irhada Irhada says:

    Hi to everyone I have 5 kids my first son had really dark blue eyes that turned brownish and a little bit greenish in light conditions like mine, my second was a girl who was born with deep blue sea coloured eyes they were gorgeous but didn’t last too long I noticed brown specs covering up her whole eyes eventually my third was really dark at birth becoming brown within days, the forth which is amazing we’re dark bluish grey than went to a dazzling sky blue and then went to gray and she’s 2 now still remains the same it’s not always genetics sometimes it’s just gods gift because no one in my whole family or my husbands have got gray anyways now I have my 5th little precious gurrl and she’s got steel grey colour so I’m just wondering what colour hers will be either way she’s my angel, I was reading an article that if you expose your baby to a lot of light more melanin works to make them darker so with my fourth maybe that’s what happened because it was winter and we were at home 24/7 anyways hope this helps

  7. Profile photo of Courtney Courtney says:

    Praying my angel baby’s eyes stay blue!!!

  8. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    my daughter have blue eyes and brown her, when i had her and i first look at her i was in shock because im brown eyes and hair 🙂 (the father is kind a blonde with green eyes thought)

  9. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Mommy & daddy both have brown eyes, so as baby! But i love seeing bluish, greenish, grayish-eyed babies!

  10. Profile photo of Alanna Alanna says:

    I can’t wait to see what color my baby’s eyes will be!

  11. Profile photo of gfeld gfeld says:

    We are an all blue eyed family. My parents are blue, husbands family all blue and my siblings all blue, I am blue eyed as well as my husband, so are all my children.

  12. Profile photo of Nancy Nancy says:

    My daughters eyes changed from grayish blue to grayish green when she was sixteen, but they still looked blue in photos for another three years. My husband’s eyes were brown and changed to green when he was 33 two years after he had lasik eye surgery.

  13. Profile photo of Brittany Brittany says:

    My was born with the normal dark blue/grey eyes that Caucasians babies are born with… The turned grey pretty much right away but, would change from green to blue to grey depending on how the light would hit them but, doctors considered them grey. They stayed that way until she turned three. They gradually turned into a beautiful hazel =) My fiance didn’t like it much because he has blue/green eyes lol but, I have dark brown with some green so I’m happy!…. My son was born with the same dark blue/grey. He’s now 9months and they are a Caribbean blue so we’ll see if they stay blue or change =) Everyone mentions where he gets his blue eyes yet his daddy has them lol, my mom, grandmother had them, my fiance’s grandmother has them. It’s runs on both sides lol

  14. My baby boy started out with black eye’s, then they turned silver-blue, now they bounce between dark blue and dark brown.

    I was born with medium brown eyes that turned to shit brown (dark enough that my black pupil blended in with it, you couldn’t see my pupil without shinning a lot of light toward my eyes, eye doctor’s hated my eyes) when I was 2. At 19 they turned to a light reddish brown. My family range from light blue to dark brown, but none of them had red mixed in with their color.

  15. My mom had black eyes and my dad’s eyes are amber. My mom used to take pictures of me on a daily basis. When I was about 8 she told me that I was born with yellowish green eyes and then at around age 3 they turned to olive green, and then at age 4 they turned to reddish brown, whish is what they are now. She brought me our family albums and showed me the pictures. I remember me telling her that the girl she was pointing wasn’t me. I couldn’t believe it, I looked so different when I was a baby. From eyes, to hair, and even skin. I have dark reddish/brown hair and caramel skin, but when I was a baby I had dirty blonde hair, fair skin and had yellowish and then olive green eyes. I thought it was so weird! I’m now 28. Could it be because my mom’s eyes where literally black, and my dad’s are amber, both of which are extremely rare?

  16. Profile photo of Holly Holly says:

    our baby girls eyes are blue right now we are hoping they stay that way… but we know she we be beautiful no matter what color they end up being!!

  17. Profile photo of Liz Liz says:

    well my baby’s eyes are gray but we aren’t sure what they will turn out to be because my husband is Caucasian and I’m Hispanic. He has hazel eyes and I have dark brown eyes. We aren’t sure what they will turn out to be because we thought that my genes were going to be dominant because I’m Hispanic but that didn’t happen he came out light sick and looking like daddy 🙂

  18. Profile photo of blueyektn blueyektn says:

    my babies only 2 1/2 months old but his eyes are blue/grey like mine and they started off blue with flecks of brown. so i’m hoping he keeps my eyes but i guess will have to wait and see if they change brown for a year. there is no traces of brown left now tho, so is that a sign they be blue?

  19. My twin boys both have blue eyes. Mine are green, and my fiances are brown, but both of our mothers have blue eyes. Just weird how it all works!

  20. Profile photo of xhappyx08 xhappyx08 says:

    Right now my little girls eyes are blue/grey, I can’t wait to see if she’s going to have blue eyes like her dad or cat eyes like me.(Cat eyes meaning my eye color changes color. Sometimes one eye will be brown, while the other will be green. It’s crazy.)

  21. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    My oldest son’s eyes changed after he turned 3! They were bright blue and he had red hair at birth. When he turned 2 his hair turned blond then when he turned 3 his eyes turned greyblue! The only one in my family with that color eyes is my Mom!

  22. Profile photo of photocam photocam says:

    ok what about people who have eyes that change color depending on there mood. My mother and sister both have such eyes. Is this realy possible or is it a trick of my eyes.

  23. Profile photo of Patricia Patricia says:

    my bf has hazel and i have blue. my mother has hazel and my father has blue. my bf’s mother has blue and his father has brown, i think. so far my boys have blue and im not sure what my daughter will have. shes a blue eyed beauty right now at 6 months. still wondering of they will stay.

  24. Profile photo of revogurl06 revogurl06 says:

    my daughter has brown eyes. both my father and myself and my husband have brown eyes.

  25. Profile photo of meredith meredith says:

    My baby’s change color depending on what he’s wearing, sometimes blue and sometimes green.


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