How Can I Be Pregnant When I Have Cramps?

woman having cramps

I remember my first pregnancy.

I was ready for the morning sickness. I was ready to be tired, and ready to have to pee every ten minutes. I was even secretly excited about the opportunity to be moody, without consequence. After all, who was going to say anything to a pregnant woman? 

What I wasn’t ready for was the cramping.

Pregnancy, especially in the beginning, can cause cramps. 

When my period was late, I was sure that I was about to have a miserable period, even though I was staring, in disbelief at the little pink line that confirmed my anxiousness. So, why was I cramping?

The next few days I figured there was some sort of mistake. A week later, I still felt the tell-tale signs of an impending period. I thought I even remembered a little bleeding. After some prodding by my husband, I made an appointment with my OB/GYN. I was given a thorough checkup, and was told that everything seemed great, and my blood work confirmed that I was, in fact, pregnant. And yet, I had that bloated cramping feeling in my lower abdomen. So I asked my doctor, “Why do I feel crampy? Does this mean that I am going to have a miscarriage?”

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My doctor’s answer surprised me, and it was something that I wished someone had told me before. She told me that pregnancy, especially in the beginning, can be crampy. Implantation of the fertilized egg not only makes you feel like you are about to get your period, but it can also cause a slight amount of spotting or bleeding. Why? Because the little embryo is actually burrowing its way into the lining of your uterus, looking for a comfortable place to call home for the next nine months. As your normally tiny uterus, starts to host this new life, it grows and stretches, and is supplied with hormones, and a new blood supply – all of which can make you feel cramps. These cramps, because they originate from the same place as the ones you experience during menstruation, feel the same. The good news is that cramping doesn’t necessarily indicate that something devastating is looming in your future. For me, this was a huge sigh of relief.


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How Can I Be Pregnant When I Have Cramps?

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  1. ntebaleng says:

    I want to get pregnant fast but my piriot dosint come on the same date what shoul I do

  2. verochka31 says:

    wow! everybodies pregnancy is so different. I love reading othe peoples different experiences for the future…

  3. mommy nhoj says:

    Cramps as part of my pre-menstruation symptoms, were present too a week before we knew I was pregnant. I don’t want to get too excited but as days go by without the period just give us hope that I maybe pregnant. I do not experience spotting during the first few weeks but noticed old (brownish) blood at 16 weeks. My little bean then is turning one next month!

  4. I don’t really get cramps just a sever pressure and docs said maybe a urinary tract infection but that came back fine it comes out to be that I am slightly dehydrated instead and said to continue to pump the fluids which also helps with ease of the headaches.

  5. Alanna says:

    Oh yes I’m feeling a lot of cramps in some funny places. This seems to be one of those secret symptoms because I had no idea that cramps were involved until I was pregnant myself. It wasn’t until I heard the heartbeat for the first time that I stopped expecting a period to come.

  6. Brenda says:

    Wow I’m happy I know why

  7. I did not realize I missed mine. I was having cramping, boob aches, back aches and headaches which are all normal for me to feel right before my period. Then I realized that I had not had a period since the week before thanksgiving. There’s no way I’m 4 weeks late and not pregnant

  8. kimberly says:

    i need some advice my period is 2 days late and i have been having heartburn and my boobs have been hurting very bad and me and my bf had unprotected sex 2 weeks before i was supposed to start. I have been having cramping feeling in my stomach like i am about to start i have taken plenty of hpt and they all come up negative. could this all just be in my head. Please i need so advice

  9. I felt cramps and I was very scared about it but I talked to my doctor and he said it was fine.

  10. Marilyn says:

    Glad you didn’t miscarry!

  11. I felt cramps at the beginning and I spotted. Doctors said I was probably going to mis carry but guess what they were wrong

  12. Lulu says:

    I don’t recall any cramping.

  13. Jeanetta says:

    I had cramps every month when I should have been starting and I did this my entire pregnancy.

  14. sheenaholman says:

    I never had cramping in the beginning with my girl.

  15. Janice says:

    I do not remember anything being outta place or feeling as if I were gonna begin another menstrual cycle with cramping.

  16. Angelwings says:

    I don’t miss those days of cramping down there but now @28 wks I get muscle spasms from being stretched and kicked.

  17. i still cramp when im suppose to start and i’m 31 weeks…lol

  18. Hope says:

    I had some cramping along with a fever and went to the ER in my first trimester. The baby was fine though and I was told it was probably my uterus expanding.

  19. Mommy2Be says:

    I had this problem in the beginning , i was told it was because of my little figure . Considering i was very petite i was told that i would feel every stretch the uterus made and movement the baby did …

  20. Julie says:

    I was told it was gas :/ (by a family member) then my doctor explained to me that there would be cramping but if I thought it was to much to come in right away…

  21. im on my first and had been told that cramping was signs of miscarrying but thanks to this artical it has explaine alot to me that i have no help getting from people i know
    thank you

  22. Bukola says:

    i’m 4 weeks and 6 days today, and u just stated exactly how i feel.

  23. I never knew this.. Now I do know. But I was never going through this in the beginning.

  24. Mrs.Ochoa says:

    I am 6 weeks today and have been feeling the cramping, morning sickness has got me feeling like im on a boat and with a hangover everyday, I also get really bad tummy aches and a sore tummy from the aches, the doc says its all part of being pregnant.. 😉

  25. Sharee says:

    I have been getting some terrible cramping on my upper abdomen. usually i get lower abdominal pains but now there upper. and my sis in law said that’s good as if its ok. i don’t want any pain at all. i kno lower abdominal pain wasn’t good. ugh. i see this being a long pregnancy. pain mixed with morning sickness.. i jus got screwed this pregnancy

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