Home Safety

Skinned knees, bug bites, and bruises are standard toddler accessories, but their developing motor skills and curiosity can also lead to more serious injuries. While many of these injuries can’t be prevented, there are certain precautions parents can take to keep their child as safe as possible. From parking lots to sharp knives to electrical outlets, below you will find information from numerous experts and other mothers like you, to help you keep your child happy, safe, and accident-free!

Safety Tips - Toddler
Home Safety Checklist for Families

Keeping your family and home safe is important. Use this safety checklist to guide you ...
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My Toddler Climbed Out of His Crib. Now What?

When my youngest son was 20 months old he was a little climber. I couldn't take my eyes ...
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Amazingly Easy Room-by-Room Toddler Proofing Tips

A whole new world opens up to your child when he or she learns to walk. Unfortunately, so ...
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9 Ways to Babyproof Your Home on a Budget

Is your toddler a little busier now that mobility is a reality? It's a pretty scary ...
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Childproofing Your Home without Spending a Fortune

If you have a baby in the house or have one on the way, you'll want to childproof your ...
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Complementary and Alternative Medicines for Your Child

Although traditional medications and remedies are the go-to choice for most parents, ...
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