Fun & Healthy First Birthday Cake Alternatives

fruit tart

There is a somewhat recent tradition of giving babies their own little cake on their first birthdays, and letting them tear into it. It’s cute and messy and makes for great photos. But if you’re concerned about the huge sugar intake of that moment, or maybe your baby doesn't even like cake, or maybe you're just into switching things up a bit, here are some ideas that are a little more healthy, and just as fun.

Fruit Tart. Make a gorgeous display of your baby's favorite fruits with Kelly Pugliano's simply delicious fruit tart

Gluten Free Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Ganache Cake. Kenmore's in-house chef Kari Karch, shows you how to make a delicious ganache cake that is perfect for families with a gluten allergy. 

Carrot Cake. This sweet vegan recipe makes one lovely mini carrot cake. Mix all of the ingredients in a mug and then throw it in the microwave. Top it with a bit of healthy cream cheese frosting, for a perfect little serving just for your baby.

Frozen Yogurt. How about a scoop of this strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt for your baby's first birthday treat? Adorn it with some sprinkles, and top it off with a little candle.

Baked Fruit. Baked fruit, like apples or pears are a perfectly healthy treat for a little one. Dress them up with a fancy sauce and serve it to your happy baby. 

Watermelon Cake. If you carve a watermelon just right, and frost it with whipped cream, and embellish it with fruity decorations, it looks just like a beautiful round cake. 

Grilled Fruit. Firm fruits turn out so good on the grill, as Bobby Flay demonstrates in this how-to video.

Banana Split. A banana split just might be the perfect birthday treat for your little one, especially this one with a colorful fruit salsa for the topping.

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What us your baby's first birthday treat going to be?

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Fun & Healthy First Birthday Cake Alternatives

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  1. Profile photo of briwoods1979 briwoods1979 says:

    Beautiful ideas, but I will be sticking to the classic Ice Cream and Cake for my baby’s first. We eat pretty healthy daily in my home. Birthdays are for cutting loose!

  2. Profile photo of Jillian Jillian says:

    This is a great idea!

  3. Profile photo of kelly kelly says:

    they will lovethis

  4. Profile photo of Jules Jules says:

    I love these ideas! The watermelon cake sounds super fun. You could totally do one with a mini watermelon that would be just the right size for my bb. It’s still a ways off, (and watermelon will be out of season by then tho…) but I do love the idea of alternate birthday ‘cake’ ideas. I’m not a huge fan of cake myself and I really would rather not get my kid hooked on a lot of stuff like that. Fruit tarts sounds awesome too… or any of the fruit ideas. Fun fun! I’ll have to come back to this when it’s closer to his b-day for good ideas!

  5. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Love the fruit tart! 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Monica Monica says:

    I would most DEFINITELY do the Fruit Tart…Those are delicious…

  7. Profile photo of acidboy101 acidboy101 says:

    Wow, that looks amazing. I really do love healthy desserts. You guys should check this out:

  8. Sounds Yummy! Here is another recipie, I used this one because I was wanting to decorate the cake to look like a traditional birthday cake for the cake smash pictures.


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