Gender Selection: What Is Your Personal pH?


To better your chances of your preferred gender, you can test the pH level and adjust your diet accordingly.

Conceiving a child is not as easy as your sex education class made it seem. It is estimated that only 20 percent of women will conceive following unprotected sex. Add in the factor of gender, and your chances of conceiving a baby of the gender of your choice drops to only 10 percent following unprotected sex. While gender selection is not 100 percent without costly medical intervention, you may be able to sway your chances. One way to do that is by testing the pH of your cervical mucus and your partner’s sperm.

What is pH?
pH is the acidity or alkaline of the sperm and cervical mucus. Female sperm, those carrying the X-chromosome, do better in an acidic environment; and male sperm, those carrying the Y-chromosome, do better in an alkaline environment. To better your chances of your preferred gender, you can test the pH level and adjust your diet accordingly.

How to Test pH
In order to test your pH you will need a digital pH reader. With clean hands, reach into the vaginal cavity and swipe some mucus from the entrance of your cervix. Place the mucus on the reader, and follow the package directions.

For men, have your partner ejaculate into a clean cup. Place a sample of the sperm on the pH reader, and follow the package directions.

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Gender Selection: What Is Your Personal pH?

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  1. Profile photo of luma luma says:

    Hi, I am a new member, I speak english as a second language that’s why you’re going to see many wrongs in my writing. Okay, so I have two girls 9 and 5 years. I want the third and the last one to be a BOY. I read a lot about all methods but the confusing thing is how raise my PH level? Each website give a different food chart . I followed one but untill now my PH level is 6.5. Can anyone help me please!!

  2. Profile photo of lucy lucy says:

    Read ‘Swaying’ by Lucinda Blanchard on Amazon. It’s a fictional account of two woman who really want a daughter and try lots of crazy methods to sway the odds including testing the pH. There is a really funny bit in it with the husband and his pot!

  3. Profile photo of samantha samantha says:

    I have tried everything too but ended up with a boy instead of a girl! I definitely don’t want another boy again…i have actually heard many people increasingly talk of PGD gender selection services like these guys offer. This procedure is supposed to offer a a guarantee that i will conceive so i’m definitely considering this as a serious option, even if it means travelling to another part of the world. I’m in the UK so cannot have it done here.

  4. Profile photo of kirsten kirsten says:

    there are really a lot of natural gender selection methods.nice

  5. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    So I’ll have to eat a lot of bananas to have the chance of conceiving a boy?! Cool 🙂

  6. I did not know this! There are so many ways to try for certain genders! I am going to remember this for my next child.

  7. Profile photo of badacki71 badacki71 says:

    I tried everything to have a girl but I had another boy but Im happy.My ph was a 10

  8. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    These articles are so cool.

  9. Profile photo of Michelle Michelle says:

    what I’ve read, searched and collected in my head…5 years ago to today,
    the girl sperm survives in acid, and the boy sperm survives in alkaline.. the girl sperm last 72 hours and the boy sperm last 36 hours, the ovulating egg last 24 hours only.
    for a boy you should rise the alkaline in you by avoiding milk and eating bananas for potassium. and do ovulation test that indicates you’ll ovulate between 24 to 36 hours after, so do a second test 24 hour after, if is positive yet, then in the next 24 hours you’ll ovulate, wait around 6 to 10 hrs and try to conceive. don’t move, stay calm after. Only try that day, and be calm a week before starting.
    if you want a girl, just keep trying like 5 to 3 days before you ovulate. and add milk and cheese or yogurt to your diet to be more acid.

  10. Profile photo of Rachel Rachel says:

    Interesting but as much and I want a boy to go with the gril I already have I don’t think I’ll be doing this.

  11. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    I have heard abt the female sperm lasting longer and the male sperm swim faster but don’t last as long. The pH thing is new to me. Interesting article.

  12. Profile photo of sayhola sayhola says:

    I never realized pH had so much to do with it – I always thought one gender of sperm lasted longer in the woman and the other gender died off sooner… can’t remember which is which, though. Anyone ever heard of this? Trying to get hubbs on board with ttc #2! 🙂 So happy with my son, the gender of our next won’t matter one bit to me–we were surprised at delivery and hope to be again someday!

  13. Profile photo of Ade Lina Ade Lina says:

    Interesting!! and natural!! Has anyone tried this?


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