Once you know that you're pregnant (congratulations!) the next question it seems everyone wants the answer to is simple: Is it a boy or a girl?

Baby Gender


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Baby Gender

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Once upon a time you had to wait until delivery day to find out the answer. And while technological advances have allowed planners everywhere a chance to decorate the nursery and shop the stores before the arrival of that sweet baby boy or precious girl, it can still feel like a long wait to learn more about that little one growing inside. While you wait, why not try our Gender Predictor Tool and Gender Predictor Quiz? When the big day finally does come, let us know if it was right for you!


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  1. Profile photo of Michelle Michelle says:

    Found one of the best baby gender calculators on iphone goo.gl/7ArSOM

  2. Profile photo of Berna Berna says:

    Last to see my period was in November 2016, I was born in 6/6/1986, can you tell my baby gender ,thank you

  3. Profile photo of Berna Berna says:

    Last to see my period was in November 2016, I was born in 6/6/1986

  4. Profile photo of Shalu Shalu says:

    my DoB is 22/11/86 and my last lmp is on 23 Jan , due date on October 30th can u pls tell gender of my baby. Thanks

  5. Profile photo of Arti pandey Arti pandey says:

    5 november 2017 conceive date kab baby hoga

  6. Profile photo of Abhishek Abhishek says:

    23rd April period hua Tha
    Period lenth 2days
    Period circle 27 days

    30 the january 2018 baby dalevary date

    So please btaiye kitne week hua hain pregnancy ka…????

  7. Profile photo of Rahna Rahna says:

    Hiii, my first day of last period was in 21st may 2017. I was born in 27/may / 1987.what do you think I will have a girl or boy???

  8. Profile photo of maria says:

    HELLO,my firstday of my last period was may 24 2017 my dob is dec 14,1987.what do u think i will have boy or girl??

  9. Profile photo of naomi naomi says:

    Hello My first day of my last period was 12th May 2017 my date of Birth is 14th July 83. What do you think i will have a girl or a boy?

  10. Hi,my dob 19/6/1987 I want boy baby which month I conceived

  11. Profile photo of assil assil says:

    Hi my DoB is 20March 1984 and i would like to have baby boy Please let me know,
    Thank you

  12. Profile photo of Manjit Manjit says:

    Hi dear,
    I want to have a baby boy
    My dob feb 10 /1978
    What is the best time for me to conceive boy

  13. Profile photo of Muazzam says:

    Hi. Could you please Tell me which of the best Month to conceive a Boy in 2017 ? My Date of Birth is 29.05.1991. I have Girl. But my husband has 6 girl. I want be pregnant for BOY please help me sisters or friends…

  14. Profile photo of O Yveth paz O Yveth paz says:

    Hi I’m Yveth
    I’m want to have a baby boy
    My dob is nov 14,1978
    What is the best dates for me to conceive a boy
    Thank you for your help
    I keep on reading Chinese baby gender
    And I’m a little confuse
    Thank you

  15. Profile photo of Tina Tina says:

    Trying to get pregnant with a baby girl I was born in 1983

  16. Profile photo of Adebisi Adebisi says:

    My DOB is August 25th, 1987. What do you think i will have a girl or a boy?

  17. Profile photo of opara opara says:

    My DOB is 25 September 1987, I am 21weeks pregnant, what do you think I will have..

  18. Profile photo of zizi zizi says:

    Hy please help I am trying to convince a baby boy please tell me which month will bemail perfect for me my date of birth is 22 march 1987

  19. Profile photo of AMY AMY says:

    I want baby boy in 2o18 . My d.o.b 22 Feb 1984

  20. Profile photo of luchi luchi says:

    Last time you people predicted girl for me and it was 100%correct.am so proud of everyday family. my dob is 13 Sept 1990 and I want a boy by ending of nxt year pls help me and predict the months I should take in for a boy

  21. Profile photo of shweta shweta says:

    i am pregnent with 7th week.. my last period date was 21st march 2017 and my DOB is 22nd july,1990
    i want to know is there baby boy or girl ???
    actually i have alredy 2 daughter n now i m expecting boy

  22. Profile photo of Aisha Aisha says:


    I just want to know if im having a baby boy this time .. I have 3 girls already .. my last period started march 8 ended march 13,2017 my birthday may 21,1993. I hope it’s a boy ..

  23. Profile photo of Natasha Natasha says:

    Hi! I am 19weeks pregnant now. my DOB is Jan 10,1985. My LMP WAS Dec 10,2016. Please advise me if I am carrying boy or girl. Thank you. 🙂

  24. Profile photo of Devine Devine says:

    Hi. I am a mother of 2 lovely Boys and am planning of geting a Girl this year (2017) Could you please Tell me which of the best Month to conceive a Girl in 2017 ? My Date of Birth is 21.04.1983. Thanks and best regards. Please i will be waiting for The Reply.

  25. Profile photo of roopa roopa says:

    Hi, can you tell me when i should I get conceived in 2017 year to have a baby boy. And my dob: July 15th 1984.
    Can you please reply to me. Thanks in advance


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