Don’t Call the Handy Man, Be the Handy (Wo)man!

dont-call-the-handy-man-be-the-handy-woman-1I’m just going to throw it out there; slander me if you desire, but I feel that this is a pretty common sentiment. There is a stereotype that guys are the ones who fix stuff around the house, while women are inept at fixing anything except children's hurt feelings. 

Remember, it all doesn’t have to get fixed today. It may take you more than one (or two) days to even figure out where to start. Baby steps are a good thing!

Unfortunately for me, I believe that the handyman gene is an every-other generation thing. My dad is the master of fixing things. When I say master, I mean that he can fix just about anything – cars, TVs, wiring – you name it. Because of this, I just have to give him a call and he’ll fix things for me, creating complete worthlessness in me when it comes to DIY stuff.

So, once my kiddlings are growing up and things are breaking left and right, they’re going to have to buck up and fix it themselves, transforming themselves into what grandpa was. But because of their ability to fix stuff, their kids will be just like me: worthless. And the cycle goes on and on and on…

Ladies! We every-other-generation guys need your help! We’re sorry for being so pitiful when it comes to fixing stuff, but I think you can handle it. Right? Of course you can!

Keep in mind, not everything is going to break, and everything that breaks isn’t necessarily going to be able to be fixed just by doing it yourself. But I’ve found six of the most common things that need fixing around the house, and hopefully I’ve been able to give you a little help on how to mend them yourself.

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Broken Light Bulbs:
When I was younger, light bulbs were broken left and right. Foam swords, balls, and pillows were the bane of the bulbs’ existence. So, how do you get the broken part of the bulb out of the socket? Grab a potato and press it into the shards of glass that remain, and twist the potato until the bulb is free from the socket. It’s better than risking your life with needle-nose pliers, right?


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Don’t Call the Handy Man, Be the Handy (Wo)man!

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  1. LIZ says:

    my dad teach how to do so many things and i thank him for that now


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