Developmental Milestones, 0 to 2 Months: Is My Baby Really Smiling at Me?

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Your newborn baby is perfect. You have her dressed in the cutest clothes that you got during your baby shower. You pick her up from her bassinet and look at her. She looks at you. She smiles at you! Or did she…? 

The fact that your sister’s baby turned over early doesn’t mean that your baby will.

Most people who study child development will tell you that a baby cannot make a “social smile” until 8 weeks of age.

Before that, it’s just a reaction to something internal, like gas. Of course, all children are different, so maybe your baby will be able to smile at you when he or she is 6 weeks old, but probably not in the first weeks of their life. There are not a tremendous number of developmental milestones during the first two months of life.

It seems like the only things babies of that age do are feed, sleep, pee, and poop. It feels to parents like all they can do is change diapers, feed, and comfort. But babies start to develop other abilities, slowly but surely. Sometimes the changes are greater than others. Walking, for example, is a huge developmental milestone that parents never forget. The first time your baby really smiles at you is another one of those moments that will stay with you.

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You should spend time with your baby while they are lying on their stomach to keep the pressure off the back of their head. Because babies have to sleep on their back, and because they have soft bones at this age, they may develop a flattening of the back of the head. By placing your baby on their stomach while you are with them, you are taking the pressure off the back of their head. Sometime between four weeks and two months of age, while your baby is on his or her tummy, your baby will develop the ability to hold up their head and turn it from side to side.


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Developmental Milestones, 0 to 2 Months: Is My Baby Really Smiling at Me?

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  1. Jessica says:

    My baby was born 4 weeks early, but right after he was born he was already able to turn his head to sounds. He has been able to flip from tummy to back since two weeks of age. His first smile (probably gas) was at 3 days old. The first time he smiled at me was yesterday when I was singing to him, I know that he was smiling at me because he looked right at me when he did it and he did it more than once, consistently at the same part of the song I was singing to him. He has always been able to move himself around his crib (he scoots while on his back sometimes, other times he will keep his head in one place and ‘jog’ around in circles, which is hilarious!). He has also been able to lift his head up to 90 degrees and turn it from side to side since week three. I think to say that it is not possible for a baby to reach certain milestones as intentional smiling before a set age would be lying, every baby does develop at their own pace.

  2. LIZ says:

    i keep this moments in video because i dont want to forget them

  3. Christina says:

    My baby smiles mostly at my mom. She’s loud with him. I think he smiles a little with me. He’s so cute!! Can’t wait to hear giggles!!

  4. Jessie says:

    My baby started smiling at 5 weeks, its when I talk to him in a high pitched voice, he even giggles so I know its not just gas

  5. Courtney says:

    I think I see a dimple, can’t wait to see the smile!

  6. KEIYONDA says:


  7. Kumora says:

    my son flipped back to front on his second day so the nurses just put folded blankets beside him to help keep his head in a position that he can breath when he does it. he still does it and he turns his head in his sleep and will lift an turn his head often when awake no matter ho i hold him and he isnt even a month yet

  8. Melissa says:

    My son use to smile at me whenever I would talk to him in his first week.

  9. my LO seems to have met all these milestones, although I’m not really worried about keeping track exactly, so long as she seems normal to me. She’s been flipping from her stomach to back since she was 2 weeks old, but seems a lot more determined to do it in the past week or so. Probably the cutest thing she’s done is that she’ll sing with me if we’re looking at eachother. if I stop, she’ll stop. It’s adorable. One thing that seems to be a milestone for me that most people say doesn’t happen for a couple more months is that she sleeps through the night most nights of the week. Normally about 10 hours. If she doesn’t she’ll wake up once, eat for 10 minutes and go right back to sleep. She also puts herself to sleep most nights as well

  10. I say YES that babies can smile. When my daughter Audrey was sleeping when she was this young we could whisper sweet little things into her ear while she slept and everytime she would start grinning. Gas my butt!

  11. i’m ready to meet my little one already…will she look like me or her dad, will she be tickle-ish,etc. can’t wait till she comes 🙂

  12. Sierra-Dawn says:

    My son started flipping from front to back at 15 days and has done it at least once a day since

  13. Liz says:

    I love seeing my baby smile to me it means so much. Even if this article says he isn’t smiling at me I feel like he is and it brightens my day ever time 🙂

  14. sheenaholman says:

    I dont care what the reason for her smiles are I love seeing them!

  15. Jeanetta says:

    My daughter smiles all the time…

  16. Jennie says:

    The early smiling is actually just a reflex, gas doesn’t cause it but my son started smiling at us around 5 weeks.

  17. ashleyrene says:

    my daughter is 5 weeks old and she has smiled at me. she has before but i think it was gas. now i know that this is really smiling, her dimples show she has eye contact with me and smiles for awhile and she has done it lots of times different times of the day and night

  18. ProudMom111 says:

    my daughter smiled the day after she was born and always smiles! i believe she is happy

  19. revogurl06 says:

    the day my daughter was born she smiled at me and daddy.

  20. Keyraliz says:

    Well, is pretty interesting. I already got a hearing test appointment for my 3 months old. Because when you speak to him, he doesn’t look for the sound, but he startled when I make a "muack" sound, and when he is sleeping, some sounds wake him up or make him jump. I don’t know if I am too worry, or if I make right to check again if he is hearing well… This is my first, so, I am pretty worry that he accomplish with each and every milestone.

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