6 Creative Ways to Tell Whomever That You’re Pregnant

fortune cookie womanCongratulations, you are expecting a baby! You’re so excited about this big event, and want to share the news with close family and friend in a special way. If the traditional methods, such as phone calls, a mass text message, a Facebook status update, or an e-mail, aren’t exactly your styles, how about one of these following ideas?

Announce it to a Tee

Receiving a card in the mail from someone is much more exciting than the usual junk mail or bills. Have a t-shirt made for your child that says, “I’m a big brother,” or “I’m a big sister.” Have your child’s picture taken wearing it, and send it in a card to family and friends. Or, have them wear it to a family party, and see who catches on first.


Make up some little gift tags that have the traditional to and from on them, and then add a big bold “We’re” on it. Attach it to a bottle of Prego brand spaghetti sauce. So, it should read something like this: “To: Mom and Dad. From: Us. We’re Prego.”

Good Fortune

Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? If you don’t like the cookie itself, reading the fortune is a whole other level of fun in and of itself. Buy a box of La Choy Fortune Cookies. With a pair of tweezers, pull out the fortunes that are already in there. Replace the fortunes with homemade ones that say everything pertaining to babies, such as one-liners from nursery rhymes and songs. Deliver them to friends and family in Chinese takeout boxes.

Something’s Cooking

Deliver the news using the old cliché “There’s a Bun in the Oven”. Gift boxes are easy to find, and so are cinnamon buns. Decorate gift boxes to look like an oven, and place the buns inside. Give them out as party favors, or hand-deliver the news.

Unusual Craving Bar

Host an ice cream party. Serve foods that are commonly craved by pregnant women as toppings, such as pickles, peanut butter, chocolate, and etcetera. It might not take long for them to figure out what your news is once they get to the pickles.


Borrow Master Card’s “priceless” idea. Send out a card with your own version of the famous saying. Something like this, for example: “Monthly Mortgage Payment: $800. Bedroom Renovation: $1,000. Expecting A Little Addition: Priceless.”

Have fun getting creative with your announcement. Your friends and family are sure to be thrilled to receive such wonderful news.

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6 Creative Ways to Tell Whomever That You’re Pregnant

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  1. mommy nhoj says:

    I want my daughter to announce it in a Tee! That would be cute 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Completely unexpected & kind of shocking pregnancy. I took a picture of my first ultrasound (10 1/2 wks) and sent in via text message.

  3. cherieanna says:

    For baby #2, I had a dinner and brought out dessert. Dessert was a cake that said “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We are Expecting Baby # 2!” Made for some great pics as my husband was reading it 🙂

  4. Bonita says:

    To surprise my mom I put the pregnancy test in a bracelet box. When she opened it and looked at me I was holding a bib that said I love grandma. The look on her face was priceless!

  5. These are interesting ways to tell someone. We just told my parents straight out.

  6. Elfie says:

    For my mom, we made her a piñata for her birthday but instead of candy we put little rattles and bottles in it. For my brothers, one of them I sent the ultrasound pic. The other was talking to us about our new car and I told him the old one couldn’t have car seats. My sister figured it out early on.

    On Facebook we just posted a pic. It had our engagement pic, then a wedding pic, then the ultrasound pic and said "First comes love, them comes marriage, them comes a baby in a baby carriage" with the date we started dating, our wedding date, and our due date.

  7. katherine says:

    Love the ideas they r great!

  8. Valerie says:

    I just called everyone, then put it on facebook. lol

  9. i’ll just tell them

  10. karrahbear says:

    What we did was take a picture of one of those "coming soon" signs at the movie theaters with the movie posters inside, and photo shopped in a picture of us pushing a stroller. It turned out really cute! 😀

  11. Julie says:

    These are some cute ideas.

  12. We gave both of the grandparents photo frames that said "grandchildren bring sunshine into our lives" and in the frame it says baby photo coming soon: due to arrive on or around march 17, 2013. At first they thought we were kidding, but then they were thrilled. easier that telling them!!

  13. Cady says:

    We were going to wait till our first sons first birthday and on his last gift, have him pull our a shirt that says something like "#1 Big Brother" on it since both of our families will be there. But my husbands great grandfather might not be around for that, so i’m trying to find a cute way to announce it for my moms birthday in a couple of weeks. My husband just wants to call his family. *If it’s a boy we are going to name him after my husbands great grandpa. 🙂

  14. Yelena says:

    wow! I wish i read this earlier….

  15. Rosie2day says:

    cute, I like some of these


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