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Cord Blood Banking

What are the benefits of cord blood banking? Who can benefit from your baby’s cord blood? What is the process? Below, you will find the information you’ll need to learn about umbilical cord blood blanking and the benefits of stem cell storage.

Cord Blood Banking - Pregnancy
Who Can Use My Baby’s Cord Blood?

The cord blood collected during your child's birth will be their perfect match of stem ...
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How Can I Determine which Processing Method Is Best?

When you decide to store your child's cord blood, there are three important stages ...
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How Can I Select the Best Company to Store My Baby’s Cord Blood?

Choosing where to store your child's cord blood can be a big decision. When ...
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Is There Any Risk to the Mother or Baby when you Save Umbilical Cord Blood?

Cord blood collection is safe and easy. The procedure will not interfere with ...
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What Diseases Can Be Treated with Umbilical Cord Blood?

Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells. These stem cells are hematopoietic ...
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What is the Difference between Public and Private Cord Blood Banking?

Public cord blood banks accept donations of umbilical cord blood. These donations ...
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