Co-ed Baby Showers for the Mom- and Dad-to-Be

co-ed baby shower

Baby showers are a fun time to celebrate the pending arrival of your bundle of joy. While traditional baby showers are typically only for the soon-to-be mom, including the soon-to-be dad can be fun. When the dad is included in the shower, he will feel more involved – instead of just standing on the sidelines. Here are some ideas to make your co-ed shower a success.

baby shower games


The classic games, such as guessing what candy bar is in the diaper and tasting baby food, may be fun for women; however, some men may become a bit squeamish. Instead, pick games that everyone will want to participate in. Try games like who can chug a baby bottle full of a favorite drink the fastest, or guessing how many sheets of toilet paper it would take to wrap around the mommy’s tummy.



Include men-friendly food, instead of tea sandwiches and fruit salad. Consider choosing to barbeque, and other classic sides. Another thing to consider is drinks – while the mommy can’t drink alcohol, the other guests and dad-to-be may enjoy a few libations.

baby shower


Make sure your guests know the dad-to-be will be at the party. Guests should choose gifts that will include the dad’s essentials. One idea is a daddy diaper bag, which he could carry without being embarrassed, including plenty of diapers, burp cloths, and other essentials. Throw in a nose mask, or two, as a joke for the dad, who may be squeamish about the excrements the baby will produce.

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In the end, a co-ed shower will create good memories for both mom- and dad-to-be, as they begin the next steps of their lives. Remember to ask the parents-to-be what they want for their shower, and tailor it to the baby’s gender, name, and general theme.


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Co-ed Baby Showers for the Mom- and Dad-to-Be

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  1. Kyra says:

    I agree completely my fiancé is so excited about our little girl on the way he likes helping me pick things out for her mostly baby gear he said he isn’t as good with picking clothes but what he has picked is really cute. It’s good to involve the dad-to-be because you wouldn’t be having your wonderful little baby without him. And let’s be honest you wouldn’t want to be left out, would you? My family tried to tell me baby showers are supposed to be women only. And I had one question for them, why? They couldn’t give me a straight answer. And my fiancé actually asked if he was allowed to be at the baby shower I said would you like to be? 🙂 and he said yeah I would love to. I vote yes to including daddies more!

  2. Gema says:

    I had a few baby showers, all surprises. My favorite one was our church baby shower. So it was co-ed. We went to a park, I was thinking soccer game. All of us wives go and watch are husbands pretend they are soccer stars! 🙂 and we went and they had bbq food! Everything was so delicious! We didn’t have too many games. It wasn’t all focused on me and baby. It was just a good time to enjoy everyones company without anyone feeling weird or obliged to do anything. The guys played their soccer game and had a great time and us girls watched and cheered them on and talked of course. Then I opened up my presents with my husband helping me. He had to guess who brought the present in. If he guessed wrong, the person who actually brought the present got to paint something on his face with makeup. It was a great time.
    My co-workers threw one for me too which inevitably was all female since I only really have female co-workers but it was nice too.
    My close group of friends also threw one for me at a restaurant and we were nothing but girls.
    I just enjoy being around the people I love. But I definitely think including dad is great. And when I did our baby registry, my husband was the one picking out most things. I thought he should have some input and help me make decisions. Plus he’s a guy and we were having a boy so I figured he might know a little more than me. I’m glad that men are more included now a days. I don’t know what I would do without his help!

  3. Moyo says:

    Good idea! Thanks

  4. Katelyn says:

    I think co-ed is the way to go, especially I noticed now more often then not the daddys-to-be want to be involved more

  5. April says:

    i think co-ed is a great idea

  6. Megan says:

    My guy and I are doing a co-ed “Baby-Q” for our friends and my mom is throwing me a more traditional (female only) baby shower for family and childhood friends.

    It’s been a lot of work, but ultimately, I think it’s the best decision.
    My guy gets to be included and my mom gets to throw her only child a baby shower.
    Win Win.

  7. Destiny says:

    My other half and I are planning a co-ed shower. This is a second child for the both of us. I had a traditional shower for my daughter so I thought I would try something new this time. Back yard barbecue and beer. going to have a race to see who can dress the baby dolls blindfolded faster, baby bottle beer chug, and a game I read about that im kinda nervous to do (pregnancy or porn) to see if guys can tell the difference between labor face and the O face…lol…I just hope that the guys actually show up and get involved…fingers crossed!

  8. LIZ says:

    we did co-ed aby showers for our daughtera nd itw as so much fun

  9. Athena says:

    I LOVE co-ed showers.
    I have no sisters, few female cousins, and not a lot of local female family. Where as I have my father, 2 of my brothers, all of my uncles, my friends (who most are guys), And tons of male cousins.
    I just had my first shower (It was for friends and co workers as to keep the guest list manageable for my amazing friends who hosted it.)
    This is just my opinion, but in that opinion, It would not have been HALF as fun without the guys there. I have been to females only showers and I never liked them. They get Catty really quick, The become gossip fests, super competitional or overly serious. Also, it opens doors to the inflow of massive “No you are doing it WRONG” and “How dare you not have a totally natural home birth!”, compared to when guys are there, they seem to calm down the forced opinions.

    All in all, baby shower is a celebration to welcome your baby. Do what you are most comfortable with and enjoy.

  10. Stacey says:

    My husband and I discussed this a few months ago and we would find it difficult NOT to do a co-ed shower. We do a lot of things as a couple with other couples so it just makes more sense.

  11. Alyssa says:

    I’m not sure my husband would like co ed at all. He’s having a diaper party while I have my baby shower at my mother’s.
    His friends and the grandpas’ are hanging out at our house, the idea is the guys bring a 6pack of beer and a case of diapers lol. That way the guys don’t really have to worry about the perfect gift. diapers are easy and a big necessity so its a good easy way for my hubby and his buddies to celebrate and chill out before the big day 🙂

  12. shay says:

    i wonted a co-ed shower, but my mom is throwing this one and is determined to make it old fashioned.i even wonted a fre of my gay guy friends thereand she s refusing to let them cme. im going to let her hve hers, and im going to have a bbq shower so my friends and my husbands can come!

  13. Lisa says:

    Me & the father of my baby arent together & he seems to not believe its even his but i want him involved if he decides it but im scared hed think it was stupid if we did a bunch of silly games that i want this is my first but his third & i don’t really want alcohol there because it tempts me to take a drink (i quit drinking when i found out i was pregnant) & so i just don’t know about co-ed :/

  14. Samantha says:

    My husband and I did co ed and had SO much fun. Even the guys enjoyed themselves. I am sad I won’t get a baby shower this time around being as we live so far from everyone =[ (1300 miles away)

  15. Rena says:

    We are going to have a co ed shower as well. So excited!!!

  16. Christina says:

    we are planning on having a co-ed shower in Jan.

  17. Timothy says:

    we had co-ed showers

  18. Timothy says:

    we had 3 of them and they were great… the more showers the most stuff you don’t have to buy later…..lucky US..

  19. Namaste says:

    My child loves musical toys, drawing, to collect the constructor

  20. amy says:

    I want to have a zebra theme baby shower but people say that its not possible what do I do ?

  21. Deigh says:

    I absolutely love it! We’ve hosted several, and including the dad is the greatest part! We had kids do lil performances, bingo(replaced with baby’s name though), Pin the Bottle on the baby…etc! Tons of fun when you get everyone involved! We also booked at a local restaurant that has a banquet room(privacy) and everyone got a chance to eat while festivities were taking place!! I’m not very traditional (boring)… if you are, hey to each its own! 🙂

  22. MadisonCruz says:

    im still a little unsure about it

  23. Nicole says:

    I had a coed shower and we loved it. it was great for the both of us and our friends and family

  24. Brittany says:

    I had a co-ed shower and loved it, it was def. more entertaining than just the women. The father if he wants to be should be a part of it too!!

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