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Body & Skin Changes

During your nine months of pregnancy, and as your belly grows to accommodate your baby, there are many noticeable and sometimes stressful changes occurring for your body. From stretch marks to shifting organs, you may feel like a stranger in your own skin. Find numerous ways to deal with these changes, below!

Your Body - Pregnancy
Pregnancy Body Changes

By Marcia Whyte Smart for Baby + You Surging hormones and a growing body ...
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Pregnancy brings many fun changes to the body. It brings some not-so-fun changes ...
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Pregnancy Brain

I didn't really believe the "pregnancy brain" theory. And then one day, I ...
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Stretch Marks and Other Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Your skin will undergo many changes over the coming months. If you are concerned ...
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Feeling Dizzy or Lightheaded?

Your body is going through many, many changes throughout your pregnancy. You ...
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