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EverydayFamily was created to provide resources, support, and guidance in an online community that can bring diverse families together to share and to learn. One of the many things we hope to encourage in our community is a spirit of community service. Since example is the best teacher, EverydayFamily makes every effort to support charitable organizations, not only through monetary donations, but also through volunteer hours worked and awareness raised. We hope that our members will get to know some of these organizations and find a cause that moves them to action. Growing families have much to gain from growing good in their community.

Below we have featured some of our employees' favorite charities. Their personal stories of growth and connections are just a small part of the good works being done. EverydayFamily recognizes their dedication to these causes by contributing company funds to support these worthy organizations.

Our team members' favorite charities

$18,100 Donated

I feel honored to work for a company that recognizes the value of supporting many great charitable organizations that better the lives of countless families. Of the many, Shriners Hospitals for Children hold a special place in my heart, not only for their good works, but for the connection I feel to them because of my brother, James. He was a big kid at heart, who unfortunately knew the pain of multiple hospitalizations and orthopedic surgeries due to a leg injury. I lost a best friend, whose sense of humor and boundless love I treasure, when James died in a car accident in 2009 at the age of 29. In his memory, my family is happy to support the life-changing efforts of Shriners Hospitals.

$85,950 Donated

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is an extremely important cause to me. As a child I saw the heartbreaking stories of young children 2, 3, 4 years old battling blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma and was inspired by their strength. To see the positive attitude that some of these children have in the face of what can be a terminal illness is nothing short of amazing. Ever since that day as a child I have donated my time, yard work money, paycheck, etc. to help fund life saving research and patient services at LLS. I recently joined the board of trustees for the Orange County / Inland Empire, CA chapter of LLS and have since been exposed to many more stories of strength. My involvement has led to personal relationships with those affected by these terrible diseases and I have gained a greater perspective on life and an even greater devotion to finding a cure.

$2,360 Donated

The Make-A-Wish Foundation enables children with life-threatening medical conditions a dream come true. I can't imagine anything better as a child than to have my dearest wish come true, and these children need that. By supporting this amazing charity, I hope to help children facing such underserved circumstances fulfill their dreams.

$15,350 Donated

Everyone struggles, and this amazing organization helps families get back on their feet and maintain self-sufficiency so hopefully their hard times can be put behind them. This charity states that it's biggest concern is to protect the children. This really strikes a cord for me, as children are our future! They do not have control over the choices their parents make, or the circumstances that may affect them, but are affected by those things nonetheless. I'm proud to be able to say that the company I work for supports a group like this!

$3,500 Donated

My beautiful grandmother was affected by Alzheimers. It's hard to see someone you love lose memories of the wonderful life they led. Alzheimers is a terrible disease and the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation is doing inspired work to eradicate it. They are leading the world in the research to understand the cause, the cure, and educating people to provide a better quality of life for those who are afflicted.

$4,000 Donated

Christmas time has always been my favorite time of year. Ever since I can remember, my parents made a very big deal over the holidays. Even though we did not have much, they always found a way to get my sister and I something for Christmas and made it very special. Unfortunately some children do not get anything at all for Christmas because their families simply cannot afford anything. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation collects new toys and distributes them as Christmas gifts to needy children, working locally with people to help others in the same community. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens.

$3,500 Donated

This charity is near and dear to my heart because my grandfather is afflicted with Parkinson's Disease. I have witnessed the drastic effects this unfortunate disease has caused, and I fully support the Michael J. Fox Foundation's continued effort to discover a cure.

$10,000 Donated

Having lost both of our grandparents last year, our family has seen firsthand how LifePath Hospice can help to comfort individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones. This non-profit organization was instrumental in allowing my grandparents to leave this world in the manner of their choosing, in comfort at home, surrounded by family. I am proud to support this organization and to know that other families will receive the same care that we were so grateful to receive during those difficult times.

$11,350 Donated

At Home for our Troops, they are strongly committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries since September 11, 2001. They assist severely injured Servicemen and Servicewomen and their immediate families by raising donations of money, building materials, and professional labor and to coordinate the process of building a home that provides maximum freedom of movement and the ability to live more independently. Having 3 brother-in-laws and a nephew who have recently served in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I am proud to work for a company who helps support such an organization.

$4,000 Donated

No child should go hungry... In the United States, more than one out of six children lives in a household with food insecurity, which means they do not always know where they will get their next meal from, that just shouldn't be a concern in America. Children shouldn't have to worry about going to school hungry, or being exposed to poor health and stunted growth because they don't have consistent access to proper nutrition. We at EverydayFamily are happy to be part of the solution.

$1,000 Donated

Because of the support they provide for struggling, single moms. Their mission is to present Single Moms with opportunities to maximize success and reduce the stress of raising a family alone, with the intention of opening a world of promise to women and children who have buried hopes and dreams in sacrifice of merely surviving.

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  1. Profile photo of FatimatAnwo FatimatAnwo says:

    Please how will I get my gifts

  2. Profile photo of Sabrina Sabrina says:

    I am a married woman of three beautiful kids. I can no longer have kids due to medical issues. I think it is wonderful to do this for families. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Profile photo of bidemi bidemi says:

    Am a first timer,a single mother due in November I stumbled on everyday family when I was looking for help in every direction. Thank God I found EF. I read through your amazing profile and I was stunned,you guys are wonderful more grease to your elbow. I will be glad to get get every assistance to make it through and beyond. Thank you EF…

  4. Profile photo of Leticia Leticia says:

    Yeah this a really great thing to do and also it goes to a great cause

  5. Profile photo of Edna Edna says:

    Great cause to support.

  6. Profile photo of lizaima lizaima says:

    I think very nice help people in need is especially when parents are single parent cuz me it is hard.. godbless all nice people helping others its say bible if help other god help you open door all things

  7. Profile photo of Brittany Brittany says:

    I think its wonderful that when there are people in need there are people willing to help, I just hope when the time comes there will be people there for my newly started family

  8. Profile photo of Cenedra Cenedra says:

    I’ve lived with my parents all my life, and now my fiance lives with us and we’re just weeks away from the birth of our daughter. Money has always been an issue in my family and with our daughter on the way things have only gotten worse. I got let go by my job when I told them I was pregnant, and my fiance just lost his job. My parents are disabled and live off Disability. Everything has become one big struggle after another and we’re terrified how we’re going to afford everything our daughter needs. We’re out of time, out of money, and terrified. We need to move out of our current house but can’t afford too, but there’s not enough room in our house to comfortably bring our daughter in. There are 7, and our daughter makes 8 people in our 3 bedroom home.
    I’ve never been more scared in my life.

  9. Profile photo of Valerie Valerie says:

    I am struggling with everything right now….4 months ago had to take on a different job due to health reasons and was a big cut in pay….now I am 9 weeks pregnant and high risk. And to top things off have shut off notice for my power because I fell behind on my bills due to pay cut….I know this is a long shot but just wondering if there is anyone that might be able to help…my email is valnboogie@yahoo.com .Would greatly appreciate it

  10. Hello my name is suleima and I’m searching for help have a 3 year old and currently expecting a baby girl I’m truly blessed God so loving chose me I find myself in a situation where I do d my self single and with nothing so if anyone can so loving help God will bless you. My email address is suleimar4@gmail.com thank you n God bless

  11. Profile photo of Victoria Victoria says:

    dose anyone know how i can truly get help im a young singel soon to be mother really soon to be . and i have been trying my hardest to get everything on my own iv looked around for help Every where online and in my. Community. iim in search for help with crib,swing,carseat an so on . If anyone has any input on how i could go about find ways to get any help with these things please email me. ( ncowherd2@gmail.com ) please any a divce. Will be appericaTed. Thanks. An may god bless you

  12. Profile photo of Sonia Sonia says:

    Thank God for all these loving supporting people:)

  13. Profile photo of kayla kayla says:

    26 yr old mother of 4 amazing children

  14. Profile photo of tamie tamie says:

    these are very important and wounderful programs and I share in many of them I would like to see more donateing and group support for familys with special needs children that is such a chaglenging event for the whole family

  15. Profile photo of Denae Denae says:

    I am the single mother of a 16 year old daughter. My daughter and I have struggled financially for her whole life, but I’ve always managed to work my butt off to support us. Now my daughter is pregnant, and WE are having a baby. 🙂 I am drowning in student loan debt among a million other financial difficulties, and barely able to keep our heads above water. We live hundreds of miles away from our family (who are equally impoverished, and my father is fighting cancer additionally anyways). We are in desperate need of any and everything imaginable! Including adiquite housing, and all necessary baby supplies. If ANYONE has any advice, or resource suggestions PLEASE let me know! this grandma to be would GREATLY appreciate it! Love and Light! 🙂


  17. Profile photo of Monica Monica says:

    Wow! I’m really glad to be a part of the EF family. All the work you do to help so many people is truly amazing.

  18. Profile photo of gfeld gfeld says:

    Thank you EF Cares! Your generosity and kindness is truly amazing! We really appreciate the package you sent us. We hope we will be able to do for others what you have done for us.

  19. Profile photo of Kelly Kelly says:

    It is truly wonderful to see so many giving hearts!! I know for me there are a few charities listed here that are near and dear to my heart too. I have donated to a few charities also, but never on a scale like that!! These people are amazing and true inspirations. For all of you that have contributed your time, monies and efforts……God bless you and thank you!! Your help is greatly needed and so appreciated <3

  20. Profile photo of Lala Lala says:

    Those donators will b blessed in near n dear to my heart for helping those in need. Yall are in my prayers for blessings because u blessed so many

  21. Profile photo of Miranda Miranda says:

    This is amazing and inspirational. I hope that those who donate know how much their help is appreciated. I personally have not needed services for my children like the ones listed above but I can only imagine how difficult it is and I had a dear friend who’s son received help and after a 6 yr battle passed this last yr. So I have seen what these hospitals and organizations do for families and it is truly a blessing. I donate when I can as often as I can.

  22. Profile photo of christie christie says:

    i cant believe the hearts of some people… im so happy that there are good people out there and if i had the money i would deffinetly be donating alot of money too. 🙂 lol

  23. Profile photo of Mariah Mariah says:

    Wow, these people are amazing.


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