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C-Sections, Epidurals, & More

Labor and delivery can be a landmark moment in a woman's life; however, until you've been there and done that it can seem pretty mysterious. We’ve gathered the following articles from multiple sources to help you learn what to expect from labor.

What to Expect During Childbirth
10 Tips for a Family-Centered Cesarean Birth Plan

When preparing for labor and delivery most moms imagine the typical vaginal delivery ...
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Why I Loved My C-Section Birth

Gearing up for the birth of my fourth child, I was nervous. So much ...
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4 Amazing and True C-Section Stories

The first time I witnessed a c-section as a student nurse, I was a little worried ...
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Why I Opted for a Repeat C-Section

My first delivery experience was far from ideal. After a long labor with ...
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How Many C-Sections Is Too Many?

A good friend of mine dreams of expanding her family by just one more; she longs ...
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No, Your C-Section Will Not Hurt Your Baby’s Health Forever

There have been a lot of rather concerning studies released recently about some of the ...
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