Breastfeeding Concerns

All mothers want to do what is best for their children, and we know that breast is best. For some women, even though breastfeeding is natural and wonderful, it can also be complicated, frustrating, and painful, but it doesn't have to be. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, aren’t sure where to start, or need help figuring out how to continue breastfeeding once you return to work. Below, you will find articles from lactation consultants, doulas, and other experts, as well as articles from other mothers like you, to support you on this voyage.

Breastfeeding - Baby
Breastfeeding Accessories to Get You Started

Breastfeeding may be natural but, for many new moms, it sure doesn't come naturally. Some ...
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5 Tips for Nursing in Public

It’s disgusting. It’s indecent. Can you believe she would just whip it out like ...
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Tips for Increasing Milk Supply While Exclusively Pumping

Ask any mom who exclusively pumps breastmilk for her baby what her biggest worry is and ...
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6 Tips for Breastfeeding While Pregnant

When I found out that I was expecting my second child, my first daughter was only 14 ...
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The Truth About Breastfeeding After a C-Section

C-section is one of the most common surgeries in the world. In the United States, one in ...
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5 Breastfeeding Tips for Busty Moms

There is this myth that the bigger your breasts, the more milk your baby will ...
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