Youth Sports: 5 Things You Should Know When You Sign Your Youngster Up

Youth Sports: 5 Things You Should Know When You Sign Your Youngster Up Picture

I am the mom to three very athletic Dudes.

Two play soccer and basketball.  Two of them are on the swim team.  Two of them are in gymnastics.  And recently, things got really crazy, because my seven year old decided he wanted to play tackle football.

Yes, I freaked out completely.

And then I began a very focused tackle football smear campaign to get him to change his mind.

I cited everything from logistics and finances to his lack of skill and knowledge of the game (he barely even watched it before he got it into his head that he needed to join the team).  And, when all of that failed, I straight up cried.

The Dudes are all suckers for my tears, and this time was no different.

He gave in and dejectedly said he wouldn’t play.

Naturally his sadness guilted me into giving in and dropping the ridiculous amount of cash needed for registration, and equipment (there is a lot of gear in football), and then committing myself to 3 nights a week at the practice field, and at least 9 Saturdays filled with games I have to volunteer at. Whaaaat?!

We just won our third game and I am exhausted.  And sorta stoked.

Because the kid lives and breathes football; I’ve never seen him so passionate about anything in all of his life. 

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t shake in my stylish boots every time he steps cleat on the field.

Fortunately for him, his awesome mom appreciates the fact that playing team sports will be a life asset.

Youth Sports: 5 Things You Should Know When You Sign Your Youngster Up

1.  Concussions are dangerous.  No joke.  They can cause all sorts of immediate and long term issues in kids so prevention and proper treatment are extremely important.  When it comes to tackle football specifically, USA Football has partnered with a number of organizations (including the NFL and the Centers for Disease Control) on Heads Up Football, an educational program for coaches, players, and parents designed to help reduce the number of young players suffering brain injuries on the field.  I seriously urge you to check it out if you have a football playing child in your life; it’s a total game changer.

2.  Kids need to play team sports.  I’m not saying your child needs to be the next RG3 (I live in Washington Redskin’s country, I can’t help it) or anything.  I’m just saying that having this sort of interaction with teammates in a physical way helps kids increase their awesome greatly.  They learn to be more social and they gain a whole mess of life skills you want them to learn so they can be successful adults.  And not live in your basement until they are 40.

3.  There are resources available.  Tons actually.  USA Football is just the one that I find myself using most now that I have the privilege of living and breathing football.  But, there are countless organizations and initiatives out there to help you keep your children safe on the field/court/floor/whatever. 

4.  Soccer moms aren’t entirely annoying.  Seriously, I was totally tripping about the being-a-soccer mom-is-like-being-in-high-school-all-over-again culture before I actually became one.  Now I know that there are the ones that are actually probably evil and should be avoided at all cost, the disconnected ones that don’t even care enough to pretend they do, and the normal ones (um, like me, naturally) who make soccer practice a little bit awesome.  Yep, just.  Like.  High.  School.

5.  Your kids will thank you.  Total lie.  No is going to thank you.  But, you know deep down, that they appreciate it, even if they show it by leaving their stank-dirty cup on the floor by your bed so you have horrible nightmares about being attacked by a giant, Cyclops tuna fish.  Being a mom rocks.

What do you think?

Youth Sports: 5 Things You Should Know When You Sign Your Youngster Up

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  1. Profile photo of magan magan says:

    I disagree with #5! My son thanked me! He was so excited to play soccer this fall that he’s actually thanked me and his Daddy a lot, after his first few practices and first game. He is only four, but hopefully his thankful heart will only grow.

  2. Profile photo of Megan Megan says:

    I totally agree with the whole article, but I would have to add to #2, I will say that marching band counts! lol Having been a band geek all my life and participating at the collegiate level I think that it totally counts as a sport!


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