You Probably Haven’t Heard of This Cure For Mastitis

If you've ever dealt with mastitis, you know that you would probably be willing to try just about anything that promises to be a cure for mastitis. Mastitis is one of my least favorite things on the planet and if we're being honest, I actually found it the toughest part of having a baby. I had mastitis so many times over the course of breastfeeding four kids that I was hospitalized with it and even have permanent damage that has left some rather depressing effects on my body. 

Although I don't want to discourage any mother thinking of breastfeeding of course, I do want to encourage you that if you have mastitis, or suspect you could be coming down with mastitis, that you try to stop it in its path as soon as possible. Many times, mastitis starts with a clogged milk duct or even a milk stone or could be the result of something like a baby missing a few feedings because of teething or their own sickness. Either way, stopping mastitis from developing into a full-fledged breast infection usually means one thing:

Breaking up the plugged milk duct. 

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There are a few different ways to do that and I definitely tried them all. Experts recommend massaging the breast; applying a hot compress, like a super hot washcloth to the affected area; or getting in the shower and massaging the breast while running hot water on it. But one remedy for curing mastitis is a little more out-of-the box–and yet, moms are swearing it works. 

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What's the magical secret for curing mastitis, you ask? Well, it's a vibrator. And no, it's not supposed to be used in way you might be thinking. One mom shared how she developed this unorthodox parenting hack on a parenting site called KidSpot, and from her story, I have to say, it sounds like it totally works. 

The mom of two, named Danielle, explained how she had developed mastitis a total of four times with her 9-month-old son and despite trying everything that was recommended, from heat packs to massaging the area to having the baby nurse more on that side, she couldn't shake the infection. It wasn't until she saw a post in an online mom's group to try a vibrator that her luck began to change. 

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Danielle turned the vibrator on and ran it against the plugged area on her breast for 10 minutes and lo and behold — it worked. She noted that she's actually been using the vibrator regularly (on her breast, of course) to help break up any clogs and prevent mastitis from setting in again, so prevention has really been key for her. 

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense to me, because one of the things that experts advise you to do is to use a pump to try to pull milk through the infected area. But if it's clogged, what good will that actually do? You will simply be trying to force milk through a duct that's already clogged. This treatment, in contrast, helps actually break up the “gunk” that's clogging the duct in the first place and then let the milk drain through. Genius. 

I have to say that I haven't tried a vibrator to cure mastitis nor have I ever seen a patient successfully perform the treatment, but as a mom who's had mastitis at least 20 times, I say anything is worth a shot and if something so simple could cure it, do it. Do it right now. Oh, and more last tip? You just might want to make sure you let anyone you share an Amazon Prime account with that you will be ordering a vibrator for, you know, medical reasons. Just in case. 

Have you tried a vibrator to cure mastitis? Does it work? 

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You Probably Haven’t Heard of This Cure For Mastitis

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