Year in Review: Interesting Celebrity Baby Names

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Yes, yes, yes. The end of the year has come once again. Depending on who you are and where your interests lie, what you consider a highlight may be night-and-day different than someone else. But I would venture to say that every single person that reads this (taking into account that there quite possibly is only one person reading this) has at least one common interest.


We all love babies! We love holding them, kissing them, and scouring Pinterest for cute pictures of them. But there’s also another thing that interests us.

Their names.

I think that a fun way to welcome Baby New Year would be to take a look back at some of 2013’s most, ahem, interesting baby names for celebrity children because, hey, nothing says celebrity status like a really outlandish baby name.

Elijah Joseph Daniel (son of Elton John and David Furnish): I’m down for biblical names—I think it’s a pretty common thing, but three biblical names for one little teeny guy? Epic.

Bear (son of Kate Winslett and Ned Rocknroll): I’m not sure if Kate and Ned were trying to name their child after the wildly popular (see what I did there?) Bear Grylls, or if they picked the adjective that is commonly used at our house for someone who is in dire need of a nap – either way, it's an interesting choice!

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Shooter Sandhed (son Julian Schnabel, a renowned director ): Hunter, Fisher, Gunner: I’m OK with those. Shooter? I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I feel like that’s along the same lines of naming your child Camper, Swimmer, or Stargazer. I mean, they’re all related to things in the great outdoors, so why not?

Tallulah (daughter of Marsha Thomasen, White Collar): Do you remember that one time when the Jamaican bobsled team named their bobsled Tallulah because that was Junior’s mom’s name? Yeah, this name will forever be connected to a rinky-dink bobsled in the 1988 winter Olympics…oh and Demi Moore and Bruce Willis who first gave this name a go in the celebrity world. 

George Abraham (son of Zac and Kate Hanson, Hanson Brothers): Nothing says ‘Murica like naming your son after two of the most famous US presidents. Nice.

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Scout (daughter of Casey Jennings and Kerri Walsh, Olympic Beach Volleyball players): Another Demi Moore and Bruce Willis name making the rounds again, I actually really like this name. It reminds me of the little adventurous girl from To Kill a Mockingbird. The name is very endearing and, well, I think it’s really cute.

Speaking of Bruce Willis, in April of 2012, he became a Dad again at 57! Not recent news, obviously, but his youngest daughter's name – Mabel Ray – another less common moniker. Lovely and sweet, but uncommon for sure. Seems like he enjoys the less common names for his beloved girls. Rumer, Scout and Tallulah must be having loads of fun with their littlest sibling. 

But I digress….back to 2013.


Rekker Radley (son Cam Gigandet, Easy A): I feel like this name for a little boy is asking to be a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Cricket Pearl (daughter of Busy Philipps, Cougar Town): Pearl is cute, and I would think appropriate for a little girl, but Cricket doesn’t really do it for me. An endearing nickname? Maybe. But you’ve got to think about how kids are going to treat you children when they pass through the darkest years of their lives—junior high.  

Rainbow Aurora (daughter of Holly Madison, The Girls Next Door): I think if you put too much sugar and sparklies in something, you’re going to come out overwhelmed and over-excited. That’s how I feel with this name. Lots of pretty things put together doesn’t necessarily translate to something good.

Did you hear of any crazy names this year? What do you think about these names?

What do you think?

Year in Review: Interesting Celebrity Baby Names

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